Applied Ecogistics for ECO

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Have you ever had too many chests and stockpiles just full of items? Are you trying to find that one item, but have lost it in a warehouse full of storage? Do you wish to just craft something, but the items are just put out of range?

Well then you're in luck! With Applied Ecogistics you can now connect all your storage to one system and access every item from one convenient Item Accessor(Patent pending).

No longer requires the disabling of tiered JIT compilation!*

*This is only the case for the latest experimental release (signified with a version suffix of 'E'). Please make sure to read the uninstall instructions if you have had the previous version of the mod installed in the current version of Eco.

This mod is highly inspired by the Minecraft mod: "Applied Energistics" but is not affiliated with it.

This mod contains the following:

  • Item Accessor - A block that will list and allow the deposition and removal of all items connected to the system.

  • Item Connector - A block that will allow storage items to be connected to the system.

  • Power Connector - A block that will provide additional power to your system. Different cores support different numbers of power connectors.

  • Core Tier 1, 2 & 3 - The core of the system. Only one is allowed and provides power to all connected Item System devices.

  • Item Storage Drives - An item that has an internal inventory, which can only be accessed by an Item System.

  • Item Storage Drive Container - A block that can hold Item Storage Drives and connects them to the Item System as additional storage space.

  • A New skill.

  • A priority system - To prioritize which storage gets accessed first.

  • Configuration - After running the server for the first time, a config file named "ItemSystem.mod.template" will be created in the Configs folder, where you can change some settings for the mod.

  • Item Sorting - Item Connectors and Item Storage Drive Containers have an additional inventory that specify a filter (Until the Eco native item selector is available to mods). This can be configured as a whitelist or a blacklist and only items that are allowed will be accessible through the system.
  • Item Exporter - A block that will automatically push the selected items from your Item System into connected inventories. (Experimental and lacks a crafting recipe)

Planned features:

  • Item Importer - A block that will automatically pull items from connected inventories into your Item System. (Temporarily removed)

  • Access Control.


To install, simply place the included .dll and .unity3d files anywhere into your Mods directory.

NOTE: Different versions of this mod may not be compatible with each other. If the new version causes the server to fail to load, revert to the previous version, remove all world objects (Item accessors, cores, etc.) then try updating again.

This mod will ask you to disable Tiered JIT Compilation (See * above). Unfortunately it will not work without disabling it until the Harmony library gets updated to deal with this issue.


Removing the mod requires one more step than removing the files that get added into your mod directory.

After removing the .dll and .unity3d files

  • On windows, delete the directory in you Appdata folder at AppData\Local\Temp\.net\EcoServer.
  • On Linux, delete the directory at /var/tmp/.net/username/EcoServer.

Bug reporting:

If you don't mind using github, then please report bugs here.
Otherwise, you can mention "cemeceme" on the Eco discord, and I'll see what I can do. Development will most likely be slow however.


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SKptDrippy @skptdrippy

makes my server crash?

ceme @ceme

Okay, please submit a bug report with your log to the github issue tracker so that I can fix the issue.

Capsulecore @capsulecore

A request for an updated version of this mod is being made on behalf of all those who have downloaded and are currently using your Mod. We thank you for the mods and would be grateful for an update so we may continue to use it. However, if you have decided to discontinue updates for this mod a notification would also be greatly appreciated. If this is the case would you kindly pass this mod off to someone who may be able to update it? Thank you, good morning, goodnight and hello goodbye. I like pants and many others do as well. Do you haz my lobster?

ceme @ceme

An update is already in the works, however progress is quite slow. Unfortunately, I have not found a reliable way to reproduce the crashes that people are getting and an overall fix for the JIT compiling requirement (which I believe might be the main culprit) is also proving difficult.
So, in order to help with the progress, it would be highly appreciated if people would post their crashes on the github issue tracker with as much detail as possible including their setup. World-downloads would also help a lot if they reliable cause issues with this mod.

Bjiop @bjiop

hey there.

with the new update 9.2.2 the server wont start.
no crash no error no dump file.

can you check and maybe update the file ? :)

ceme @ceme

You get nothing in the logs either? I'm going to need more detail on your setup if it just crashes without any error prompts.

ceme @ceme

I believe I've found the issue: The new Eco version has some changes in world generation, that doesn't play nice with disabled JIT compilation.
As a workaround: Generate the world without Applied Ecogistics and add it back after. If anyone else still has the issue with this workaround, please let me know. If you already tried to use the mod once, refer to the uninstall instructions on how to get a clean run without the mod installed.

Phatal_Phalanges @phatal-phalanges

I get this error when trying to start my server:
[22:07:16.666] [1] [Error] [Eco] Error!
Tiered JIT compilation could not be disabled automatically, please do the following to disable it manually:
Edit the file: "C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\.net\EcoServer\tlzwqll4.gbj/EcoServer.runtimeconfig.json" Replace the contents with:
"runtimeOptions": {
"tfm": "netcoreapp3.1",
"includedFrameworks": [
"name": "Microsoft.NETCore.App",
"version": "3.1.6"
"name": "Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App",
"version": "3.1.6"
"name": "Microsoft.AspNetCore.App",
"version": "3.1.6"
"configProperties": {
"System.Runtime.TieredCompilation": "false"
My problem is that i using a hosting service and i dont believe i have access to this file.

ceme @ceme

If you don't have access to the file, then I'm afraid you won't be able to use this mod until a fix is rolled out on harmonies end.

Bleederfoe @bleeder1607113509

Current version ( does not work with update.

ceme @ceme

It is now updated and should work with the new Eco version.

scottportwood @scotty2295

Hello, I had to uninstall this mod today to get my server to boot after the 9.2 update. I have a dump file if needed

Ridesdragons @ridesdragons

hey, noticed an issue when adding this mod to a fresh game, and was able to consistently pull off the bug. If you create a world with the mod installed, after logging into the world and completing character creation, in your backpack you'll see that your character isn't equipped with any clothes, except the shirt slot, which has a white square. you cannot enter third person mode, attempting you edit your look causes the game to softlock. attempting to move the white square will crash the game. if you relog, your clothes will reappear, and can enter 3rd person, but you'll have a random look and gender. attempting to edit your character will result in losing the ability to enter third person again, and will softlock when attempting to edit.

I don't know if this is caused by generating a world with the mod already there, or by creating a character in a server with the mod already there. If you create your character before adding the mod into the world, though, you can freely edit your character and enter third person without issue after adding the mod. further testing will need to be done to see if the bug is caused by world gen or by character gen.

ceme @ceme

Thank you for your detailed bug report!
I just pushed out an update that should fix this issue. Let me know if it still persists or you find any other bugs.

Ridesdragons @ridesdragons


yep, just tested by creating a new world with the mod and no issues with character creation, softlocking, or third person errors. thanks for the quick patch!

pabs1983 @pabs1983

In the planned features, you have the importer and exporter elements, when do you plan to release these?

ceme @ceme

I had a rough implementation that barely worked, and didn't get around to fixing it up to a working state after the effort to get the mod working with 9.0 at the time. However, seeing as there is demand for it, I'll work on them for the next update. I won’t give an eta yet though.

pabs1983 @pabs1983

great to see the update, installing today on our server and will test and feedback.

danner26 @danner26

How do you even use this? There are no instructions and I cannot find a table to make these or anything like that. Updating the description with where to acquire all of the items would be helpful.

ceme @ceme

Well, you can easily look up all the recipes through the Ecopedia, since all the items added by this mod do create their own page there. But basically, you’ll be getting to the modded stuff once you get an anvil, where the most basic parts can all be crafted.

I will be adding some Ecopedia entries for the mod as a whole eventually though. So you’ll be able to look up the concepts of this mod in a bit more detail, like the base game does with some of its concepts.

To answer your question right now though, you’ll want to craft an item system core (probably tier1), one or more item system accessors, one or more item system connectors and enough item system conduits to connect all these together.
When its all set up, the connectors let you connect any storage (chests, stockpiles, etc) to the system and the accessors will allow you to access all the items in those storages directly.

Just one note, you cannot have open pipe ends or else the system doesn’t work.