Have you ever had too many chests and stockpiles just full of items? Are you trying to find that one item, but have lost it in a warehouse full of storage? Do you wish to just craft something, but the items are just put of range?

Well then you're in luck! With Applied Ecogistics you can now connect all your storage to one system and access every item from one convenient Item Accessor(Patent pending).

This mod is highly inspired by the Minecraft mod: "Applied Energistics" but is not affiliated with it.

This mod contains the following:

  • Item Accessor - A block that will list and allow the deposition and removal of all items connected to the system.
  • Item Connector - A block that will allow storage items to be connected to the system.
  • Core Tier 1 & 2 - The core of the system. Only one is allowed and provides power to all connected Item System devices.
  • A New skill.

Planned features (Soon~ish. Probably a few months):

  • Item sorting
  • Access Control
  • Item pushers and pullers

To install, simply place the included .dll and .unity3d anywhere into your Mods directory.

If you encounter bugs, mention "cemeceme" on the eco discord, and I'll see what I can do. Development will most likely be slow however.


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DeathSeeker @deathseeker

will this work with single player and current version of game?

ceme @ceme

Yes, single player also actually runs the server in the background. So if you place mod files somewhere in the Eco/Eco_Data/Server/Mods directory it should also show up in single player. The mod is currently built for version