Auto pickup and Lucky Break mod for ECO

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Published by Apersonn (mod ID: 569202)


This mod gives the player Lucky Break at Mining Level 5 and an automatic pickup perk at Mining Level 7. Based on a fix for this mod.

If you just want the automatic pickup perk at Mining Level 7, install the 1.x.B version of the mod.

To install, put PickaxeItem (modded) file into: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Eco\Eco_Data\Server\Mods\Tools

Rename the folder to just PickaxeItem, and replace the previous PickaxeItem file.

IMPORTANT: To uninstall, put PickaxeItem (normal) into: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Eco\Eco_Data\Server\Mods\Tools, and rename it to PickaxeItem to replace the modded PickaxeItem file.

If you leave the PickaxeItem file modded, the effects will remain.





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Weeze @weeze

does this work in 9.3?

ShadowHacker @shadowhacker

The mod works just fine, version (release-156)

Recer75 @recer75

Works for me on Its possible that if you already are at max level that it will not work. So best getting this before you start a new server. I tested it whit just modifying the exp gain to 9999. I installed it manually.

saucissonyt @saucissonyt

I tested and it does not work. I have level up miner at max level and I still have big chunks and not I cannot harvest quickly. So I took the skills to harvest but there are always big pieces. The mod is well installed on my server however.

Phatal_Phalanges @phatal-phalanges

cant get to work on local server through steam. tried on fresh install of the game.

-sgo-m0nk3y @sgo-m0nk3y

confirmed also tried it also

SirBlehhh @sirblehhh

Works on the new update, confirmed on my dedicated server

Apersonn @apersonn

Thanks for confirming this: I'm having to go through and repair all my mods cause I made them for a friend's server, and your comment just saved me another headache.

-sgo-m0nk3y @sgo-m0nk3y

have to wait to see if it gets updated to the new update

msparkee @msparkee

Is anyone else still having trouble getting this to work?

XtenzTV @xtenztv

Dont Work...