Beekeeping Mod x9.2 for ECO

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Published by Ondulas (mod ID: 173869)


Supported ECO Version: 9.2

Who has never wanted to own a beehive in their garden in Eco?

To all bee lovers, discover this new possibility thanks to the beekeeping mod.

The beekeeping mod offers brand new gameplay mechanics. Explore the land to discover swarms, learn the job of beekeeper and start breeding bees to bring new useful ingredients for your server.
(This mod adds a new profession, beekeeper's workbenches, cosmetics, a dozen recipes and waxed wooden furniture).

Recipes added on the sawmill, the cast iron stove, the oven, the kitchen and the stove.

Here's how the mod works, step by step :

1. When you launch your server with the mod, between 50 and 60 occupied swarms will be generated. The beekeeper has to explore the map* to find them in order to get a queen bee**.

If all the swarms have been taken by a random guy or if several people want to do the profession, use the command /GenerateSwarm to respawn new swarms.

2. Once you have queens, you can craft breeding hives, they will only work with a queen bee.

3. You can make full pots that can be transformed into wax or honey and be used in new recipes.

*Occupied swarms are like Ecko status, they have a property that prevents you from seeing their position, you won't find them in the list of shops either.

**With royal jelly you can obtain new queens by using it in vacant swarms.


Ping Ondulas#3977 on Eco Official Discord for support / ideas.

Thanks to Zangdar and Twist for their help.









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SirLunatic1615035238 @sirlunatic1615035238

So after receiving the different kinds of bee's Is there anyway to upgrade them to the next tier.

Ondulas @ondulas

Not yet, but it will be possible in the next update

GinjuGG @ginju1

Hi there, so the people of my server are very active beekeepers and we're now at the point that there are no wild bees around, but new players want to become beekepers.

Is there an option to regenerate swarms on the map?

Ondulas @ondulas

If all the swarms have been taken by a random guy or if several people want to do the profession, use the command /GenerateSwarm to respawn new swarms.

sir.pattrick @sirpattrick

Waxed Bed is considered General Furniture, not Bedroom. It has thrown off my entire Bedroom. I am going to have to revert to the Regular Wooden Fabric Bend again.

Ondulas @ondulas

Yes I know, it's an error that has been fixed in version 1.1.0

muffybunny @muffybunny

I can't figure out how to meet the requirements. Can someone attach a diagram of their layout - where to put hives and where to put the "tables"

Ondulas @ondulas

The hives must have enough plants around them, have a module called "queen bee" and not be placed next to another hive. For the tables, they work like the standard Eco table

Shoura @shoura

Hi there.
Is this mod encrypted?
Servers on 4Netplayers can decrypt so I can't use this mod right now :(

Ondulas @ondulas

Yes the mod is in .dll because it wouldn't work otherwise. I can't give you with a decompiled version

sh_temp_el @sh-temp-el

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Сервер обнаружил исключение:

<size = 60,00%> Исключение: KeyNotFoundException
Сообщение: данный ключ BeekeepingScene1.0.5.unity3d отсутствует в словаре.
Источник: System.Private.CoreLib

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Внешний Исключения:
исключение было выброшено целью вызова. </size>
version 9.2.2

VelFan @velfan

Hello update the mod to version 9.2

Cynthal @cynthal

Hi! I had a question, when you are to choose your specialty for speeding up recipes, is it better to choose the "solo" option when all the hives are outside? or the "working together" because they are in the same room... even though they are outside?

Ondulas @ondulas

Beehives work in the same way as oil pumps. So it's better to choose the solo specialty

Oearth @oearth

Couple of Questions: What gets consumed by the bees or hive to produce more bees and the subsequent honey and wax products? I see the waxed furniture, and it sounds like there are new food recipes as well? ...or is the Honey itself the only food product? Thanks in advance!

Ondulas @ondulas

Several questions, therefore several answers ;) . When you equip your hives with a queen bee, you can start making a "full pot". This item only requires a waiting time, no objects are needed. Once you have got this item from the hives you can transform it either into honey or wax in an extractor. These new objects can be used either in food recipes or in furniture

Excaliber81604596183 @excaliber81604596183

thnx again for this awesome mod i installed it on my server and its really cool