Big Shovel for ECO

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Published by TheKye (mod ID: 606218)


Big Shovel Mod Updated for 9.3.3 - Will Now Only Pickup Up To 10 By Default!

Installation Instructions:
Unzip Into the Mods Folder, Then Reboot the server

Changing MaxTake:

Go into the Mods/BigShovel Folder,
Open any of the BigShovel Files except for the BigShovel.cs
Set the MaxTake to your desired Value ( this is just the number after the => )

The Max Take Can Not Be Higher then the Max Stack Sizes For Dirt, clay, etc You must also reboot the server after changing these values!


When you update to the newest version, be sure to remove the old BigShovel.dll as the big shovel is now uncompiled so it now adds in 4 cs files and 4 unity files,

The cs file you can edit to change calorie cost, durability etc

Here it is, One of the most requested things around, The Big Shovel!

3 New shovel types,

Iron Big Shovel

Steel Big Shovel

Modern Big Shovel

Cost's slightly increased for balance

If you feel like this mod is too big you can try the Light Version

Recipes, Locations Skills:

Item Name Recipe Craft Location/skill Give Name Info
Wooden Big Shovel 30 Wood Tool Bench, 30 Second craft Time/ No Skill "/give Wooden Big Shovel" the wooden big shovel has a durability of 100
an average calorie cost to use of 20 per interaction
Repairs with any kind of wood
Iron Big Shovel Iron Bars 8, Wood Boards 8 Anvil, 30 Second Craft Time "/Give Iron Big Shovel" the iron big shovel has a durability of 500
an average calorie cost to use of 17 per interaction
Repairs with Iron Bars
Steel Big Shovel Steel Bars 15, Lumber 10 Anvil, 30 Second Craft Time "/Give Iron Big Shovel" the steel big shovel has a durability of 1000
an average calorie cost to use of 20 per interaction( will be changed to 15)
Repairs with Steel Bars
Modern Big Shovel Fiberglass 15, Steel Bar 20 Assembly Line, 30 second craft time "/Give Modern Big Shovel" the Modern big shovel has a durability of 2000
an average calorie cost to use of 10 per interaction
Repairs with Steel Bars







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Woody94 @woody94

There should be a how to add mod section as i am new to this and having a hard time getting it to work.

TheKye @thekye

Unzip directly into the mods folder

QsErazin @qserazin

well mod aint working :[

TheKye @thekye

What do you mean? what's the issue?

Nommy @nommy

80mb seems pretty large for a tool (well 4). I'm concerned this will slow my game down further (older PC).

For comparison I checked the Shipping Container mod that also adds an item - it's 500kb. Are you sure the level of detail etc is appropriate? Or can you explain why it's 100x larger please?

TheKye @thekye

Hi There!

While i understand the concern for the file size, its mostly due to all the additional content provided in this particular mod,

it includes all textures and a model for each item that can be picked up with the shovel - this is where its size comes in
there is a light version available here: which is a 1/4 of the size but only shows dirt, sand and clay on the shovel

the shipping container is also a static model that doesn't include animations or avatar specific placement, therefore you can use just a basic box model ( very light on file size) and a low res texture, which would make it very small,

as of 9.0 eco mod files have gotten bigger as instead of using references each mod actually re-adds all the scripts used in modding to the game which inflate the size of the mods, as time goes on and eco becomes more rich in features and such the mod file sizes are expected to get bigger and bigger

Nommy @nommy

Ok thanks for explaining! I actually found the light version and have been enjoying using it. Almost on par with using a pick.

Is it possible to make it work like other tools where you hold down left mouse to keep swinging? Config setting or something?

TheKye @thekye

Hi There!

In the latest patch this is now possible!

I.R.Baboon @ir-baboon

Thanks for the cool mod. Is there any chance you add some configuration options? I have changed the durability and repair costs for the original tools, so it would be great if I could change it for the Big Shovel as well.

TheKye @thekye

Hi There! this mod will actually come out uncompiled so you will be able to choose what shovels you have in your server and durability and calorie cost modifiers as well

I.R.Baboon @ir-baboon

Wow, that would be really cool. Thanks a lot.

TheKye @thekye

The Big Shovel is now released as uncompiled so you can now make these changes :)

Llywylln @llywylln

I'm not that familiar with how to roll on Discord but are you the one maintaining BigShoverl? I love this mod but it is so frustrating to have to play this little minigame with getting it to work...

TheKye @thekye

I apologise for the delays on replies, i don't check very often as i am a bit more focused on a few other things and forget, feel free to join our discord if you haven't to be able to report bugs, issues and suggestions and get a much faster response!

Llywylln @llywylln

I've noticed a lot of hang / delay with using this mod in the current version. I go to pick up the first block of dirt, no problem but the second or third will no work... for 3-5 seconds and then it works for 1-3 blocks and then it hangs again. I have no idea why but whatever the .dll does to convince the game that it is ok to pick up additional dirt type objects isn't being checked often enough or is being checked too often.

IamWildDew @iamwilddew

u cant spam click it. click wait one second then click wait 1 second then click i was frustrated with the mod until i figured this out

gff1979 @gff1979

It's possibly the 9.2.3 updating doing it, but the big wooden shovel lags. It sometimes digs multiple times in a row but then will stop a few seconds before digging again. Haven't tried the other shovels yet.

TheKye @thekye

please do not decompile any of our work or direct others too, we strive to provide mods free of charge, some of the assets are paid for work we have been given permission to use and we are not allowed to release them publicly for others to use or edit

if people decompile our work and take assets and such from our work we will stop providing mods all together and remove all download links and available copies from all posted locations.

we are happy to help people out but not at the cost of potential lawsuits.

while we understand this is a mod with large asset files, we are willing to take suggestions and pointers for refining our work,
but yes all the asset files require the mod to reference all the carry resources otherwise they do not display, there is an optional light version of this mod that only supplies carry models for, Dirt, Sand and Clay and is a fraction of the size. it can be found here as its not released on

darkedone02 @darkedone02

I guess I have to just dump in the mods folder, or does it goes anywhere specific?

TheKye @thekye

yeah just in the mods folder is fine