ConveyorBelt for ECO

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Published by MisterAlex (mod ID: 135154)


Hi everyone,

Release v1.0.0 of the ConveyorBelt mod, who give you ... well conveyor belt.

Install Instructions:
- Unzip/Extract
- Move to Server/Mods or Server/Mods /

Alex : (me) (@MisterAl3x)

Keishee : another player





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Mad_Buffoon @mad-buffoon

Still not work?

EcoLover @ecolover

not working with 9.3.5

Capsulecore @capsulecore

A request for an updated version of this mod is being made on behalf of all those who have downloaded and are currently using your Mod. We thank you for the mods and would be grateful for an update so we may continue to use it. However, if you have decided to discontinue updates for this mod a notification would also be greatly appreciated. If this is the case would you kindly pass this mod off to someone who may be able to update it? Thank you, good morning, goodnight and hello goodbye. I like pants and many others do as well. Do you haz my lobster?

Malupo1609345163 @malupo1609345163

Please update for 9.0

vpetroew @vpetroew1

[04:44:06] F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Eco Server\Mods\ConveyorBelt\ConveyorBeltItem.cs(38,31): error CS0239: 'ConveyorBeltItem.DisplayName": невозможно переопределить наследуемый член "Item.DisplayName", так как он запечатан.
[04:44:06] F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Eco Server\Mods\ConveyorBelt\ConveyorBeltObject.cs(43,29): error CS0115: '"ConveyorBeltObject.OnCreate(User)": не найден метод, пригодный для переопределения.
[04:44:06] F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Eco Server\Mods\ConveyorBelt\ConveyorBeltObject.cs(29,13): error CS0246: Не удалось найти тип или имя пространства имен "PeriodicUpdateRealTime" (возможно, отсутствует директива using или ссылка на сборку). @twitchtvthypexx

Hello my game crashes every time I place a conveyor

TheDukeOfRockford @thedukeofrockford

Good day/evening, I want to report an issue with this mod. It seem that every time I attempt to place this item, it would crash my client instantly. Well, not a true crash in a sense. More like it crashed back to the main menu, essentially kicking me out of the server (which I host, ironically).

I should note that this is on Eco version and this mod was downloaded and installed via Browse Mods list in Eco Server console (meaning it is downloaded from, not this forum). As far as I can tell, all required files are there (ConveyorBelt.unity3d, ConveyorBeltItem.cs, ConveyorBeltObject.cs).