Core History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash

Mar 4 2019 - 1.3.0

Updated for Eco Beta
Added functions for sending an error / temp error message to players.
Added a function to create a directory on disk if one does not already exist.
Added a function to copy files on disk.
Added some extension methods to strings.
Internal changes.

Sep 17 2018 - 1.2.1

Updated for Eco Beta

May 4 2018 - 1.2.0

Updated for Eco Beta
Added file reading and writing with options for using Eco's json serialization.

May 4 2018 - 1.1.2

Updated for Eco Beta
Updated the back-end of the mod.

May 4 2018 - 1.1.1

Updated for Eco Beta

May 4 2018 - 1.1.0

Initial public release.
For Eco beta