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Making sure you set the price of your products is an important part of turning a profit. Often this means using a community made spreadsheet that ends up useless on modified servers as now you would need to edit all the recipes to make it work. Modded items may even need to be added laboriously by hand. Or maybe you have a complex chain of production and manually working that out ends up way too tedious and even spreadsheets can easily meet their limits.

How about instead you could use something more streamlined and easier to understand? Well, this mod may be the solution to that problem!

This is a webpage mod that adds a new section to your Eco server: the Cost Calculator. The cost calculator page provides a node based interface for you to design your particular production flow for cost and ingredients calculations.

The Cost Calculator supports the following main features:

  • Items, tables and recipes get pulled directly from the server. No need for custom entries to use modded items or modified recipes.

  • Multiple currency support. No global currency that everyone uses? No problem! Set values to the currency it actually is instead of having to convert.

  • Fuel costs are taken into account. Crafting a bunch of stuff in the kiln but don’t know how much wood you need to burn? Not here, set your fuel and it gets added to the bill of materials.

  • Labor costs can be included. Need to charge for the food you're chowing through? You can easily apply a value your labor, which changes depending on your skill reductions.
  • Bill Of Materials. A node that gives you all the ingredients you will need to craft something, spanning as many crafts as you like.

  • Saving. This is an obvious feature, but logging into the server webpage from Eco allows you to save your graph to the server under your character.

  • Import and Export graphs. The server keeps your graph in its own storage, but you can also export your setup and save it to your own computer. That way you can easily transfer your graph to a new server or share it with your friends!

Additional considerations:

This mod replaces some data in the Server/WebClient/WebBin/js/app.[hex number].js file at runtime in order to add itself to the webpage. Editing this file may cause the Cost Calculator to fail to add itself to the site, so make sure your changes still allow the mod to work.
The content of the Server/WebClient/WebBin/js/app.[hex number].js file is not edited directly and the additional data added to it is only served to users of the webpage.

As this mod pulls all item, recipe and table information from the server and uses the localized names, however the interface itself does not have localizations itself.


To install, simply place the included .dll file anywhere into your Mods directory.
If the server starts up correctly and you don't see the new tab, you may have to clear your cache or try incognito mode. If it still doesn't show up, try deleting the Server/WebClient/WebBin folder and verifying files on steam or replacing the directory from a fresh copy of the Eco server.


Uninstalling is just as simple as deleting the mod .dll from your Mods directory.

Bug reporting:

If you don't mind using github, then please report bugs here.
Otherwise, you can mention "cemeceme" on the Eco discord, and I'll see what I can do.

Please include any stack traces or errors that get printed into your browsers console.

Development will most likely be slow however.


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Med.GR @medgr

Linux server crashing with the latest update:

[08:53:46] Failed to start the server. Exception was Exception: TypeLoadException
Message:Could not load type 'vueComponent' from assembly 'ModUtils, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.
System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'vueComponent' from assembly 'ModUtils, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.
at CostCalculator.CostCalculatorCore.setUpServerFiles(Assembly assembly)
at CostCalculator.CostCalculatorCore..cctor()
Outer Exceptions:
One or more errors occurred. (The type initializer for 'CostCalculator.CostCalculatorCore' threw an exception.)
The type initializer for 'CostCalculator.CostCalculatorCore' threw an exception.

ceme @ceme

I don't know where you're getting ModUtils version from. Make sure you don't have an older copy of the Cost Calculator installed as well.

ViewableGravy @viewablegravy

Loving this mod as most others here however I have one feature that I know is not an easy implementation but would take this from being great to the best. The ability to create custom nodes which are a combination of nodes. I have my price of Hewn logs for example, would be nice to simply have one node that I created that outputs 1x hewn logs and then I can use that anywhere and if I change that particular node then it would update everywhere it is used.

ceme @ceme

Yes, this is definitely a feature I want to add eventually!
In fact a few people have already requested functionality like this, though I it will probably be a bit before I get around to it.

gokou2001 @nathan26p8sifvhuohlg

hey, love the mod but can you add the ability to link the labor node to the ingredient node so we can get the base cost for the item. (like logs for example) also to be able to rename the labels of the nodes. now for complex chains can you add a way to link the prev product sale price to the input of the next product item just to cut down on enter numbers that are already in the chart and make it more automated. thank you

ceme @ceme

Glad you’re enjoying the mod!
For your first request, I assume you want to calculate the labor costs of cutting down trees, harvesting plants and mining resources. Honestly, I don’t see the point of doing this. There are too many factors to really give a meaningful labor amount for.

As for renaming nodes, this is actually possible, just not yet through the UI. You can open a saved graph in a text editor and change the “title” field of any node to anything you want. This will be properly implemented in the UI eventually.

As for your last request, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Do you want the value node to have an output so that you can link it to another? Because you can just connect multiple inputs to one output.

gokou2001 @nathan26p8sifvhuohlg

i was thinking just a flat fee for labor but yes i want to calculate the cost for harvesting the raw stuff. yes, i want the value node to have an output that can link to the input of the crafting node for the item so it and link more complex items. i will have to play with that multiple inputs to one output as i didn't think of that. thanks

Lynatix @lynatix

Hey, thanks for your awesome work :) - One thing me and my ppl on the Server miss is: Taxes! If you try to plan with buying's and want to create a sell price with taxes, you still need to calculate in ur head again...

Example: Ironore Price = xxx
Crushed Ironore Price without Saletax = (0,50)
Crushed Ironore Price = 0.59 (but with 15% tax)

if i go forward now for iron bars, later for steel etc... its hard to calculate all the taxes if u had multiple sellings and not only the end product (also if u have multiple jobs and buy in the same things you could craft on ur own)...

Means i would love to have a feature to calculate the taxes for the prices (like a percentage value to combine maybe?)

Anyway, thanks alot :)

ceme @ceme

Hello, glad you enjoy the mod!

Taxes will not be implemented directly. There is just no really good way of actually knowing if some tax will apply, since Eco has such a powerful law system that handles it.

Instead, general math nodes are planned. This way you can do taxes, add profit margins and other interesting computations on any values that you might want.

Kritter1649317799 @kritter1649317799

Hey we are trying to get this mod to work on our server. Are there mods that wont work with this mod?
I feel we are doing something wrong with it. The server keeps crashing when try to start it up.
Help needed

ceme @ceme

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. You’ll have to provide some more information on what is going on to narrow things down a bit.
I don’t know if this goes for the release versions, but in the first 9.5.0 playtest version there was a bug not letting mods like Nids toolbox work properly. This has been fixed in the latest playtest version.
Your best bet would be to add mods one-by-one until you get the server crash again, so you know what is actually causing issues.
Consider posting a bug report on with more information. It helps a lot to track problems.

LeCapuchino @lecapuchino

It gives an error when incorporating the Artist Skill MOD, which indicates that there is no reference to that profession. It would be nice to add it and add your tables and products.

XLilCasper @xlilcasper

There seems to be a bug. Collapse some nodes, reload. You can no longer expand nodes and it acts as if they are expanded (you can change properties by clicking somewhere below the node). Fix is to export, replace in the json collapsed from true to false, re-import.

Great work on this. It's very helpful.

curleyc @curleyc

Hello, do you plan on updating this mod to 9.4? It installs fine, but the cost calc will not save.

ceme @ceme

This should be fixed now.

curleyc @curleyc

Thank you~, from our entire server~.

curleyc @curleyc

I recommend something like a basic mode. where you can set raw resources price globally. maybe be able to set labor without a line as well.

MistryFireNL @mistryfirenl

I love playing with this calculator. it is useful for small scale cost calculations of a hand full crafting recipes. But by the time i got half way the cooking recipes for our restaurant it started to tear down . (had to revert back to old school excel)
it would also be nice to have a function to save the files to the server. so everyone on the server can use what you have created by just clicking on for example
a drop down menu. (because ppl are lazy or doint understand how to use it)

Dredzy66 @dredzy1628015167

Noob question... is there a way to reset the calculator or do we have to manually delete each node?

ceme @ceme

You can use ctrl+a to select all nodes and then press del to remove them.