Dirt Decomposition for ECO

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Published by StalEF (mod ID: 1132272)


Mod uses scientific data on soil composition. The calculations use data on easily flushed soil where the clay content is low.

One cubic meter of soil contains:

  • Air - 25%
  • water - 25%
  • Organic - 5%
  • Sand - 35%
  • Clay - 10%


dirtdecomposition_v2.zip3.19kbv2 for Eco 9.3.0-9.5.x

dirtdecomposition_v1.zip1.35kbv1 for Eco 9.3.0-9.4.x


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yappy118 @yappy118

In my case, this mod works very well. Thank you for making it :)
To Prospective Subscribers: At first, I ignored this mod. "Dirt doesn't decompose!", I thought. Now that I have tried it, I curse my stupidity. This makes a huge difference: gone are the x stockpiles chock full of dirt; gone the need to create extensive "Compost Fields" to supply your gardener's addiction; gone the need to dig mines for clay or sand (i.e. before the Rocker Box enables you to turn sandstone and limestone into sand). You get all of these very important resources by using this mod and get rid of all your unwanted Dirt. Genius!

SGAMEZ @sgamez
The time setting is not exsaclty matching the tier or the setting we use on server.

Would say that the amount of dirt should be 10. Those 10 turn in to. 2 clay 1 composte 7 sand. So it uses 10 turns to 10 other even tho u mentioned water and air. Hope that could be a thing since i don't see the purpose of thing u don't gain any of like the 50%

tindin @tindin

any plans to add it to the other crushers?

StalEF @stalef0797

Yes, we have lv2 and lv 3 recipes too, but we wait reviews about Labor and time for lv1 first just