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This Eco Global Survival plugin connects Discord servers to the game server.


  • Seamless communication
    Connect your Eco chat to one or multiple Discord servers and channels for seamless and automated communication between Eco and Discord.
  • Live Eco Server Status Display
    Display live updates of online players, remaining time, your server logo and more in a Discord channel.
  • Chat logging
    Record the combined Discord and Eco chat in a chat log that persists between server restarts.
  • Assisted Configuration
    DiscordLink will run verification passes on your configuration upon startup and configuration changes and output the result in the server log, helping you diagnose configuration errors.
  • Helpful Commands
    DiscordLink features a number of helpful commands both from within the game and from Discord. /DiscordInvite will help you invite players ingame to your Discord server, while ?Trade will help you figure out who has the best deal on those yummy huckleberry muffins!


Eco <--> Discord Chat Synchronization

In order to synchronize the ingame chat with a Discord channel, you will need to set up a Discord bot and connect it to your Eco server via the DiscordLink config. See installation guide for information on how to do this.


From Discord:

  • ?Help - Lists available commands.
  • ?EcoStatus - Prints the status of the Eco Server.
  • ?Players - Displays the currently online players.
  • ?Trades [player or item name] - Lists all of the items sold by a player, or all of the shops that sell an item.
  • ?NextPage - Continues onto the next page of a trade listing.
  • ?DiscordInvite - Posts a message with the Discord invite code into the Eco chat.
  • ?Ping - Checks if the bot is online.
  • ?Echo [message] - Sends the provided message to Eco and back to Discord again.

From Eco:

  • /VerifyDiscord - Confirms the plugin is loaded.
  • /DiscordGuilds - Lists all servers that this bot is connected to.
  • /DiscordChannels [guildname] - Lists all channels in a specific server.
  • /DiscordDefaultChannel [guildname], [channelname] - Sets the channel that /discordmessage sends to for you and only you.
  • /DiscordMessage [message] - Sends a message to the default server and channel.
  • /DiscordSendToChannel [guildname], [channelname], [message] - Sends a message to a specific server and channel.
  • /DiscordInvite - Displays Discord invite message.


  1. Emojis
    When sending Emojis from Discord to Eco, bear in mind that these may either be removed or show up ingame as a ? character. This means that some sentences may appear to be questions when read from within Eco if they end with an emoji. As an example; "We have trucks :D" may become "We have trucks ?" which may cause some confusion.

  2. Discord Mentions
    Make sure that @ or # is not the first character in your message when writing Discord mentions. Eco will consider them ingame mentions of players or channels and your message will open a chat channel ingame instead of being sent to the chat you intended and will therefore never get sent to Discord.


See the installation guide


Server GUI

configuration guide for self hosted servers with access to the server GUI.

Config file

configuration guide for servers hosted by third parties, where you lack access to the server GUI.


Do you have suggestions, questions or maybe a problem you need help with? Join the Eco Community Discord server here! DiscordLink has its own corner where you can talk to other users and the developers!


discordlink_2.0.1.zip370.69kb2.0.1 - Eco 9.0.0+

discordlink_1.2.9.zip521.57kb1.2.9 - Eco 8.2.0+

discordlink_1.2.6.zip521.6kb1.2.6 - Eco 8.0.7+ (Incl. 8.1.0)

discordlink_1.2.5.zip521.37kb1.2.5 - Eco 8.0.0+

discordlink_1.2.4.zip521.45kbv1.2.4 - Eco 7.6.0+ (Staging)

discordlink_1.2.3.zip521.38kbv1.2.3 - Eco 7.5.0+

DiscordLink_1.2.1.zip295.06kbv1.2.1 - Eco 7.4.6+

DiscordLink_1.2.0.zip295.04kbv1.2.0 - Eco 7.4.0-7.4.5

DiscordLink_1.1.3_Webhook_Fix.zip291.67kbv1.1.3 - Eco 7.3.*


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matymathew(Matthew) @matymathewmatthew

So i did hole install and everything is working great. But when i try the /DiscordInvite i get This server is not configured for using the ?DiscordInvite command. Did i miss a step here?

MozUn @mozun

Hi, raziel_MoDe!
Head over to and make a feature request ^^
Please give some more info as to what exactly you would want this feature to do.
It would be especially helpful if we could get a description of your use case for the feature.

raziel_MoDe @raziel-mode

Hi , it was possible to have log of new user log connected on server please ?

MozUn @mozun

keik00 Once you have started the server once, a config file named DiscordPluginSpoffy should be created. You can configure the plugin manually from there.

keik00 @keik00

Hey, is it possible to set it up without GUI? Like in a settings file or something.

Krush @krush

Any chance ?trades can include the ability to filter by shop?

GDragon @gdragon

7.5 compatibility?

GDragon @gdragon

One of usefull mod's!