Dynamite Mod for ECO

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Published by Ondulas (mod ID: 144168)


Supported Eco version : 8.3.3. The mod doesn't crash servers when a lot of people use it.

Often in Eco, mining can become boring. Sometimes you would like to dig a cave quickly to create new architecture, but you give up, for lack of time. For anyone who wants a new form of gameplay, this mod is for you. It adds 5 types of dynamites. All different. They are balanced, and don't ruin the game experience. Indeed, you won't be able to destroy the areas on which you are not allowed.

Here's the list of the new crafts added on the machinist table :

- Small dynamite : It has a destruction diameter of 6 blocks and gives 100% rubbles*.

-Middle dynamite : It has a destruction diameter of 7 blocks and gives 25% rubbles*.

-Big dynamite : It has a destruction diameter of 9 blocks and gives gives 10 % stone rubbles*.

-Up dynamite : Allows you to break only the upper hemisphere (same properties as big dynamite).

-Down dynamite : Allows you to break only the lower hemisphere(same properties as big dynamite).

*All the rubbles of the ores are donated by the dynamites. Only the rubbles of the stones are affected by the probability. If the player who activates the dynamite has "Lucky breaking" talent. The stone will break into 4 pieces

Use : Put the dynamite on the ground and right click to activate it.


Ping Ondulas # 3977 on Eco Official Discord for help / ideas ;

Thanks to Torenka and Zangdar for their help.




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Zoppotrumpp @zoppotrumpp

Hello. I don`t really know how to install it.

Ondulas @ondulas

To install a mod. You have first download this mod and unzip it. Often, you will get a folder that contains a .dll file and a .unity project. Then you have to copy and paste these elements in the "Mods" folder in your server files