Easy Logging for ECO

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Published by Varga45 (mod ID: 2028734)


Inspired from Timbers!

Enable the pickup of entire trunk, auto destroy stump and gather them ressources

the skill logging is not required for this mod to work, but he can work with

if you want to go crazy, you could change the "ChanceToSpawnDebris = 0" (ie, in the folder "Eco Server\Mods\__core__\Organisms\Tree\Joshua.cs")

This mod also disable error message "Log is not ready for harvest. Remove all branches first." when you cut joshua or palm

Unzip the folder into : Eco Server\Mods\UserCode and remove if it don't work or displease




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Varga45 @gabyforester

The best for this mod to work well is to have stack size = 1000, if you have the default stack=20, it won't work, because a tree has at least 40 logs
1 user reported to have made this mod work after replacing the original TreeObject by this moded TreeObject because it was not loading when placed into UserCode

}{0TT@b6)4 @0ttb64

The mod is perfect. Even invisible stumps do not remain. But is it possible to make, for example, stumps disappear when the character reaches Lumberjack level 5, and the collection of wood and automatic collection of branches at Lumberjack level 7!

Varga45 @gabyforester

i tried but without succes, but should be possible, you can see the code of an old mod named Timbers! for your request :)

yappy118 @yappy118

Thank you for creating this mod. It works exactly as advertised I'm pleased to report :)
Addendum: It should be noted by future users that one should strive to interact with the falling trunk (press E) before it hits the ground. This yields optimum results in terms of resources gathered (I think. Not sure but it seems so.) and saves plants growing around the tree as a bonus. I would recommend counting your strikes with the axe so as not to chop into two parts the falling trunk. Each tree species/axe type combo requires a specific number of strikes to fell a tree.