ECGFarmer for ECO

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Updates: Updates are in work, more with your Support!

Important: Wee need your Feedbacks to improve the Mod and to fnd a good Balance,
please visit us on Discord and share your ideas thank you!

ATTENTION: This Mod in an rework process, this was only a BETA to make some public tests,
the new version will be released soon. You can join us on Discord an follow the process.

You can also ask for features there

The Farmer Mod comes at first with a tomato and a beet Greenhouse.

With the Greenhouse you are able to save space, dont waste your space by creating big cultivable land's.

Update 0.9.3_Beta
- Updated to Eco Version 0.9.4.X

The Greenhouse needs its own fertilizer to grow the plants and of course Seeds, craftable in the Farmer Table.
The Greenhouse has 5 Storage Slots with a Stacklimit of 100 for harvested plants, they are not linked to other Storages.
Some Parts of the Greenhouse are also animated to make everything looking nice!

If you want to keep this work up, share this Project, donate us or give us Feedbacks
We need your Support, anyway what kind of Support you prefer, this is important to keep
up every Mod, not only ours!
Thank you

Support & fast updates: Discord:

Admin Commands:
/give ECGGreenHouseTomato
/give ECGGreenHouseBeet
/give GreenHouseFertilizer
/give ECGGreenHouseRice
/give ECGGreenHousePumpkin

**NEW** /give FarmZaunTor
**NEW** /give FarmZaun
**NEW** /give FarmZaunSmall

Still for Testing:
**NEW** /give ECGGreenHouseFront
**NEW** /give ECGGreenHouseMiddle
**NEW** /give ECGGreenHouseEnd

Craftable in the Farmerstable







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Wali1649923850 @wali1649923850

die mod ist klasse nur leider nicht für 9.5.x

mudder2010 @mudder2010

does anyone still have the visual glitch were when u walk up to the green house you can see a shadow of it and use it but u dont see the actual green house, and it lags alot when you get close?

great_britain @great-britain

how do you edit the time and can you make a greenhouse for every crop and maybe make the times shorter and yields smaller that way if you accidentally pick it up you don't have as long to wait

loggermaster @loggermaster

cant use it cuz it say farmer skill not farming, and i cant change the configs or usercode to make it farming do something pls

Flowerlady @flowerlady

For me its not working. When i put greenhouse on the ground, textures are invisible and game is lagging realy badly.

Sergdor @sergdor

I noticed this is tied into the Farmer skill and not Farming. Is that intended?

EvilMrMcNasty @evilmrmcnasty

There has been an update and I can no longer see the greenhouses.

Loeffel @loeffel

I used the ECGFarmer.unity3d file from the Now I can see the greenhouses again, but keep in mind that I just did it and that it is untested!

FOSSer1645080952 @fosser1645080952

this fix is unstable. When I tried to produce something in greenhouses my game crashed

Loeffel @loeffel

Yes, because they made a rollback on the Unity engine.

There are also 2 tomato greenhouses. One produces tomatoes and the other one beets.

Necrodemus1609825193 @necrodemus1609825193

These take farmer 4 labor and not farming 4 labor? There is quite a difference

BeeFTM @beeftm

You are right, thank you for let me know! Unfortently i mixed the Farming Multiplier with the FarmerSkill! Will be fixed!

SomeCrackh1596278370 @somecrackh1596278370

My server uses different grow times and quantities than vanilla for an improved farming simulation, however there are no configs for this mod rendering it useless in my server, could you provide one that lets me edit craft time, labor, ingredient quantities?
also corn...

BeeFTM @beeftm

Thank you for your Feedback.
As long as the Mod is out of Beta, it will have our "Custom Settings" Framework, so you can edit the Grow Times, Recipes and more.
Because our Mods use our custom scripts, there is no way to run the Mod Outside of the DLL. Please be patient until we have included everything.

SomeCrackh1596278370 @somecrackh1596278370

and the greenhouse storage does not link seeds that are stored inside to its own crafting window

BeeFTM @beeftm

Thank you, already noticed this issue and we have already fixed it in the upcoming new Update release.

SomeCrackh1596278370 @somecrackh1596278370

thx great work, keep it up

[DADS] Odd
[DADS] Odd @dads-odd

Been trying 0.9.1 today. Found out it worked good with fertilizer and worked like a charm. But had 2 things that i saw problem with. 1 It´s no collide when you place so you can place them in other things. 2 The internal storage don´t work. It´can´t find seeds in it´s own storage or put output in it. Then it says it is not linked to other storages. Would be good if you could solve that.

BeeFTM @beeftm

Thank you very much for your Feedback!
We are hardly working on fixing and finishing the Mod, at the moment we released it as Beta, to earn Feedbacks like yours to improve the Mod while finishing.
It could contain some Errors, as long as it is released as Beta but it will be always stable until the Developing process so your Server stays stable!

There will be also more Content, we post upcoming Updates on our Discord Server, feel Free to visit us and drop some Feedback like this, if you have ideas or notice Errors, thank you all!