Set CUSTOM Stack Size, Slots, Weight and much more for ECO

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NOTE: If you change the slots, then you need to be pick up and place again every item which has slots, in order to see the new slots in your game.
IF you get an error from your server after you apply settings, before trying to apply settings again, verify your files with steam first.


This is an excecutable file you can use to auto set the followings:

  1. The Stack Size for Blocks - You can set Stack size to 5000 or 500000, or even more
  2. The Stack Size for Food and Items - You can set Stack size to 5000 or 500000, or even more
  3. The Maximum Weight for Backpacks - What about 800.000kg for a backpack? You can do it!
  4. The Maximum Weight for Carts and Trucks - What about 900.000kg for Vechicles?
  5. The Storage Range of every Vehicle - Sick of having no access to a storages because they are way too far? Let's just fix that!
  6. The ability to change the durability of all tools! Increase/Decrease the durability as you want and find the perfect balance for you.
  7. The number of slots (Small Wood Cart, Wood Cart, Powered Cart, Steam Truck, Truck and Storage Boxes) - Do you want 100 slots for a small wood cart? 1000 slots? Why not?!
  8. Disable/Enable the restriction to store Blocks (Dirt, Roads, Ores, etc) into Storage Boxes. - Have you ever think how nice would be if you could store your iron in just a storage box? Yes, now you can do this!
  9. Set Grow Rate - Play god and make your plants grow in 0,3 hours or even less!
  10. Disable/Enable the Height Limit of stockpiles and trucks.
  11. Disable/Enable Tailing Production from Crafting Stations
  12. Set Air Pollution rate produced from Vechicles and Crafting Stations
  13. The Maximum Weight and slots for Skid Steer - What about 900.000kg for a Skid Steer?
  14. The Maximum Weight and slots Excavator - What about 900.000kg for an Excavator?
  15. Set the Default Stockpile Slots
  16. Set Slots for any type of Stockpile independently - Do you want 100 slots for a tiny stockpile or 1000 slots for a large lumber stockpile? Everything's up to you!
  17. Set Slots for any type of Silo independently - Do you want 100 slots for a Storage Silo or 1000 slots for Powered Storage Silo? Everything's up to you!
  18. Set the range of Stockpiles and Storage Boxes - Sick of having no access to a storage box because is way too far? Let's just fix that!
  19. The Range of Crafting Stations - Sick of having no access to a storages because they are way too far? Let's just fix that!
  20. Edit the Nutrition of EVERY Food - What about an extended Vitamin Salad?
  21. Create your own Food - What about an Iron Pie or a Charred Axe or even an Gas Enery Drink? Enything you can think, you can make it!
  22. Disable/Enable breaking rocks with one click.
  23. Disable/Enable always breaking rocks into four (4) chunks.
  24. Disable/Enable the Big Shovel. By this, you will be able to interact with dirt/sand using interaction button (usually E), while you're holding a shovel. This way, you can get as much dirt/sand as your stack size is. TIP: Holding the interaction button (usually E), you can dig continuously.
    Disclaimer: The Big Shovel ability of this app has nothing to do with the Mod "Big Shovel", and in cannot replace it in any case.
  25. The Player Start Pack. - More claim papers for new players? Some blocks to start building? A cart maybe? Some Skill Scrolls? You can do anything!
  26. Five new block recipies to make (Dry Tailings, Dry Tailings Neutralizer, Wet Tailings, Wet Tailings Neutralizer, Compost)

Note: This tool sets the weight of all items to 0,1 (super light). On Version 2.5, added the ability to change the weight on your own.

I developed this tool, in order to change the settings of my own private ECO Server.
It worked so good for me, so I decided to share it with you. I hope you like it.
If you have any ideas or you want to add more options, please let me know.

This tool is totally free. If you want to support my work, click the button below

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How to Use the App

Step 1: Backup the entire "Mod" folder from "Steam\steamapps\common\Eco Server", just in case you want to restore the default values.

Step 2: Type or copy-paste the path of Eco Server (example: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Eco Server).
For local games, use the path [...]/steam/steamapps/common/Eco/Eco_Data/Server.

Step 3: Fill the fields with the values you want to set. The the default values you'll see are those I set for my private server. You can set Stack size to 5000 or 500000, or even more! Everything's up to you! ;)

Step 4: Check which settings will be changed.

Step 5: Press the "Apply Now" Button

Step 6: Wait for the "All Done" message.

Step 7: Restart your Server and enjoy! :)

NOTE: After any ECO Update, it's good to re-run the app just in case

For Rented Servers

1. Install Eco Server on your local PC through Steam Tools.
2. Run the "Eco Server.exe" and wait for the very first initialization.
3. Close the "Eco Server.exe"
4. Run the "Eco Server Extra Configuration.exe" and make the changes you want, following the steps 1-6 of the above "How to Use".
5. Backup the entire "Mod" folder of the Rented Server.
6. Navigate to Eco Server Path of your local PC (example: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Eco Server).
7. Copy-Paste the entire "Mod" Folder to your rented server.
8. Do not forget to enjoy! :)

NOTE: If you change the slots, then you need to be picked up and place again every item which has slots, in order to see the new slots in your game.

How to Use Food Nutrition Editor

1. Press the button "Load Food Nutrition"
2. Change that Carbs, Fat, Protein, Vitamins and Calories to your needs.
3. Press "Save Food Nutrition"
4. Restart your Server/Game.
Never forget to backup your Mod Folder in case you want to restore the default values.

How to Use Food Maker

1. Fill every field is noted with asterisk (*).
2. Press the Button "Load All Ingridients", and let's say you want to make a whole new "soup".
3. Type the amount (integer only, not decimal numbers) of the items you want to add to your soup.
4. Check the ingridients you just picked from last column, called "Add Ingridient"
5. Press the button "COOK".
6. Restart your Server/Game.

a. The Food Maker is not able to add an icon to your food. For icons, you need to use Unity.
b. When you transfer or eat the new food, the icon will not disapear. This is also a Unity thing.
c. To make the "ghost" icon disapear, override it with a tool or something, and it will work great.
d. The stacksize is not applied when you create the food. To change the stacksize of your new food, you must to re-apply the settings.

How to Use Tool Durability Rate

1. Press the button "Load Tools"
2. Change that Durability to your needs. Durability must be numeric only. The larger the number, the larger the Durability
3. Check the "Apply" on the tools you want to change Durability.
4. Press the button "Save Tools".
5. Restart your Server/Game.

To restore the default values, press the button "Load Default Durability" and press the button "Save Tools".
Never forget to backup your Mod Folder in case you want to restore the default values.

Compatibility of the app with Linux

The app was already able to run on Linux, but wasn't possible to apply any changes.
The above problem found and fixed on version 4.0. You don't need to install any framework for this nor any dotnet version.
You just need the WINEHQ (tested with WINEHQ v6.0).

Tested with Ubuntu 20.04 (check the images of mod's page).
Linux instructions are inside the zip file.

If you use different Linux version, and the app is not running or not appyling any changes to you, just send me a message with your OS specifications (ex Debian v10), and I will debug the app to the same OS you use with VM.


Let's work on bugs together and find a solution

Please do not post the ouput of the CMD (the log file), but send me a private message with files that have the error.
For example, if you get the error,
"[01:30:19.913] [1] [ Info] [Eco] C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Eco\Eco_Data\Server\Mods\AutoGen\Vehicle\SmallWoodCart.cs(87,72): error CS1503: Argument "2": Konvertierung von "long" in "int" nicht möglich.",
then send me directly the file "SmallWoodCart.cs".

The output log itself, says nothing to me if there is a bug in the app.

How to send me the error files
1. Go to (or use any other simillar website)
2. Add all the files that causes the error, including the log file.
3. Generate a link
4. Send me the link on a private message.

Τhank you for the cooperation :)




























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GucciPotato @guccipotato

I am having an issue I can't figure out how to fix. No matter what I do the range on the stockpiles do not increase. It worked until I updated the version of the mod. Now its back at default range.

Gabriel89GR @gabriel89

Hello GucciPotato,
I am sorry for the late answer. I'll check the issue and I will let you know.
In the meanwhile, try to apply something huge like 250 or 500 blocks range. Maybe the range was too short for your use due to the last ECO changes.

bep17 @bep17

I have a potential suggestion for the configurator. Can you add the ability to store stone/dirt/etc into a storage chest? I make this possible by modifying the Storage chest CS file but it would be nice if it was on option within your program. (unless you already have it in your program and I have missed it)

Gabriel89GR @gabriel89

Hello bep17,
this ability already exists in the app. It's the "Large Block Storage" option of the tab "Main Settings".
If you move over blue labels, you can see a short message about them ;)

CIoud @cioud

Thank you, and keep up the good work i love your mod. Big shovel now works again!

CIoud @cioud

Only one problem, when i increase the stockpile range it doesn't seem to apply at all.

Gabriel89GR @gabriel89

Hey Cloud,
Can you please check something for me?
In the file "StockpileObject.cs", located in the folder "....\Mods\Objects", is there the line "this.GetComponent<LinkComponent>().Initialize(<your_range_in_blocks>);"?
If this line exists and the range is still not working, I am afraid there there is nothing I can do further. This is the line setting the range for all stockpiles.

Gabriel89GR @gabriel89

Hello Cloud,
What range did you add? Try something huge like 250 or 500 blocks. Maybe the range was too short for your use.
I just test the range, and works fine for me.
However, beware that that the huge range may use way more memory, and experience lags or even crashes. So, I suggest to use it first on a local server, just for you.
If the problem remains let me know. In this case, I will send you a private message asking you to send me specific game files to make the test and locate the bug.

CIoud @cioud

The bigshovel says, the OnActInteract function has been taken so it shuts down the server.

CIoud @cioud

Or rather already defined.

Gabriel89GR @gabriel89

Hi Cloud. Check the files through steam, to download the original files.
The current version you have has a non fixable error in the shovelitem.cs file.

1. Check the files with steam
2. Verify that your server runs after that.
3. Copy the mod folder somewhere
4. Apply the big shovel
5. Restart your server.

If this doesn't work either, please send me the shovelitem.cs file to check it.
I also followed the above steps as I got the same message as you at first. After that it worked great.

Please let me know about the result.

CIoud @cioud

Will this work on a 3rd party server? (Dedicated server)

Gabriel89GR @gabriel89

Of course, why not?!
Just be sure you backup your data first. Dedicated servers usually have a backup system.

bep17 @bep17

It appears ECO 9.3.3 is not compatible with Eco Config 5.2 Log references error in ShovelItem, SmallWoodCart, WoodCart, PowerCart, Truck, and Steam Truck. Let me know if you want the log file sent

TheRhino411 @therhino411

I'm having problems with the shovel but then i had to mess round with the files to fix the shovel file but the mod doesn't work

Gabriel89GR @gabriel89

Hello TheRhino411. A new version (5.3) just released and the problem is fixed. :)

TheRhino411 @therhino411

Thank you very much there are many people who appreciate it

Gabriel89GR @gabriel89

You're welcome TheRhino411 :)
I am really glad about this.

Before you use the app, check the files using steam first, as the shovelitem.cs file you currently have is not working and it could not be fixed from my side..

bep17 @bep17

Lowered max weight from 8000000000 to 8000000 and vehicle error seems to have gone away. Tried to disable bigshovel but that does not fix issue with ShovelItem.cs file. (FYI the larger max weight worked in version 9.3.2)

Gabriel89GR @gabriel89

Hello bep17.
Is it possible to send me the ShovelItem.cs file to check it?

bep17 @bep17

Yes, I attached file to your email, hopefully that comes thru to you. If I need to send in a different way let me know.

Gabriel89GR @gabriel89

A new version (5.3) just released and the problem is fixed. :)

Gabriel89GR @gabriel89

Thank you bep17.
I will investigate it right now and I will be back to you soon :)

bep17 @bep17

Thanks for the quick response. Initially new version did not work, I had to validate and download new files. Once the replacement files were updated everything appears to work

Gabriel89GR @gabriel89

Hello bep17,
Yes, I forgot to tell you that. Indeed you had to verify the files first, as the error in shovelitem was unfixable.
I right a note in mods page about it, for everyone :)
Thank you for your verification, and for you valuable help :)