EcoGenesis-MODPACK for ECO

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This is a mod package which contains different mods by different providers from
the configs are tweaked massively.

-food recipes are harder but more rewarding.
-you get more wood from a tree. to reduce tree chopping tediousness.
-No more yellow chunks from mining. get sweeping hands for boosting the skill.
-skid steers and lasers tend to put an end to servers activeness. the recipes for them are made much harder here.
-you carry more resources (1k+) but just slightly more building materials (100~)
-you should have no problem making glass houses for crop production but at the same time planting crops are less limited location wise. (some fertilizer products don't require star although star still makes it cheaper)
-blast furnace iron recipes should make ore washer obsolete.
-ActiveCraft makes you able to click a crafting table to consume around 1 k calories for saving about a minute of crafting time. this is to increase the farming business value.
-All stockpiles are modified. use the largest one as the low range highest cap stockpile (in exchange for 2-3 seconds fps freeze) the small stockpile as the high range medium capacity pile. and tiny stockpile as the low range low capacity pile (still way more than vanilla)

Readme File Included

By: SomeCrackhead




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