EcoWaterWorldMod [9.5.X] for ECO

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Published by DrAcHe981 (mod ID: 810938)


Escape the ever rising water.

With this mod the meteor is no longer the only thing to worry about, as the water rises less resources will remain making it harder and harder to keep going!

Can you still save the world from the meteor while the water is chasing you?


Additionally to the water level rising this mod also modifies all vehicles and machines to no longer be able to be used while underwater, forcing players to build water tight tunnels, or high enough bridges and keep their machines in dry rooms, if they want to keep using them! (Can be enabled/disabled in the config)

For vehicles an upgrade can be crafted at the electronic machinist table which will allow them to drive underwater again. (Can also be enabled/disabled in the config)



Extract and move the "EcoWaterWorldMod" folder into your server's mods folder and done!


All configuration can be done right trough the server UI within the mod's own tab, in there you can change various behaviors, like how quick the water rises, if players should be informed whenever a new water level milestone is reached, and more.

Admin Commands:
  • /waterworld toggle - Enable/disable the mod while in-game.
  • /waterworld riselevel X (/wwrl X) - Rise the current water level by X blocks.
User Commands:
  • /waterworld level (/wwl) - Show the current water level and when it'll reach the next full block.


Tested with Eco version







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DrAcHe981 @drache981

Apologies for the late reaction to comments, does not seem to give notifications for them (and I personally stopped playing Eco a bit after release of my mod), thus I haven't noticed them until now...
Anyways the update for 9.4 is in work, it's practically already done, I'm just doing some long term testing for some other changes I did in its core logic, stay tuned, if nothing goes wrong in my tests then v1.0.2 will be out soon!

Dave247 @dave247

Ah, all good. I did look to see if I could reach out and contact you in some other way but I couldn't find any info listed.
Maybe also try uploading your mod onto the Eco forums as well? Though I don't know if that would be any better.

Dave247 @dave247

Any word on updating the mod for 9.4? There's a serious error where it crashes the server on startup.

Cactus1579976639 @cactus1579976639

So i haven't tried out this mod but does the water level rise forever and if you built any air pockets like underwater bases would they instantly become flooded when it rises?

DrAcHe981 @drache981

The water level will rise forever, no limit set, however I might add such a feature in the next update
Air pockets would not be filled, all the mod does is rise the base sea level, thus regular water mechanics still apply

GinjuGG @ginju1

Unlucky timing with the release of 9.3 ^^
Can you update your mod? It sounds very interesting, maybe we gonna try it out on our server

DrAcHe981 @drache981

Unlucky indeed, but I just couldn't wait any longer to release it ^^
Anyways, just uploaded the update which is tested and working in 9.3.1!