EcoWorldEdit for ECO

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Eco-WorldEdit it is Server Plugin for Eco - Global Survival Game from Strange Loop Games

Original Creator - Mampf

WorldEdit is the ultimate map editor to get creative, do not engage in routine.

Allows you to modify thousands of blocks in the selected region and use many functions to change the world.


You can find a guide on Installation, Compatibility, Quick start and Commands in our WiKi.

Issues and Suggestions

If you find a bug or have a suggestion to improve the plugin, let us know Here.


This plugin remains the property of the original creator Mampf and all rights reserved.
You may not redistribute modified versions of this plugin. This plugin remains the property of the original creator and you may not without their consent release a modified version of this plugin.


Contributions are Welcome! If you feel like you can improve something write to us!

Current Contributors:
* @Kye - Elixr Mods, Eco Modding Community - Code and Project Management
* @Tavren - Eco Russian Community - Code
* @StallEF - Eco Russian Community - Project Management Assitance


worldedit-v2.1.0.1.zip123.39kb2.1.0.1 for Eco 9.4.x

worldedit-v2.1.0.zip123.06kb2.1.0 for Eco 9.4.x

worldedit-v2.0.2.zip123.01kb2.0.2 for Eco 9.3.x

ecoworldedit_v1.0.1.zip108.6kb1.0.1 For Eco 9.0-9.3.x


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