Elixr Mods - Mega Mod Pack!

This Modkit comes with so many features and items! Bundled With Realistic Smelting AND ClaysToolkit!

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This Modpack Consists for 3 Modpacks: Decorative Pack, Convenience Pack, Features Kit!
Here is whats included in each pack! (Don't want parts of the modpack? just remove the corresponding DLL!)

Deco Pack:

Tansportation (em-transportation.dll) - Requires em-base.dll + em-transportation.unity3d + em-core-secondary.unity3d

Ahead Sign
Bench (Park Bench Type)
Customer Parking Sign
Keep Left Sign
Keep Right Sign
Metal Road Barrier
Stop Sign
Traffic Cone
Water Tank Barrier - No Recipe Yet
White Water Tank Barrier - No Recipe Yet

Home Objects(em-homeobjects.dll) - Requires em-base.dll + em-home.unity3d + em-core-secondary.unity3d

Double Wood Door
Elegant Door
Stained Glass Door
Stained Glass Double Door
Kings Bed
Bed Frame
Painting Of Clouds
Painting Of Mountains
Metal Sliding Window
Wooden Sliding Window
Bedroom Dresser
Bedroom Chest
Bedroom Small Dresser

Arch's (arches.dll) - Requires em-core-primary.unity3d

Arch Door: 3x3 Curved Arch Door - Item Tier (1) - Only In 1 Texture - Uses Mortar + Mortaredstone
Stone Arch: 4x4 - Item Tier (1) - Uses Mortar + Stone
Mortaredstone Arch: 4x4 - Item Tier (1) - Uses Mortar + Mortaredstone
Sandstone Arch: 4x4 - Item Tier (1) - Uses Mortar + Mortared Sandstone
Granite Arch: 4x4 - Item Tier (1) - Uses Mortar + Mortared Granite
Limestone Arch: 4x4 - Item Tier (1) - Uses Mortar + Mortared Limestone
Double Stone Arch: 8x4 - Item Tier (1) - Uses Uses Mortar + Mortaredstone

Glass (windows.dll): - Requires - em-core-primary.unity3d

Current Colors: Tinted, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Brown, Black
Stained Glass: 1x1 - Item Tier (2) - Uses Glass + Frame / Glass + Frame + food/items for color
Large Stained Glass: 2x2 - Item Tier (2) - Uses Stained Glass + Frame/ Colored Stained Glass +Frame
Tall Stained Glass: 2x1 - Item Tier (2) - Uses Stained Glass + Frame/ Colored Stained Glass + Frame
Long Stained Glass: 1x2 - Item Tier (2) - Uses Stained Glass + Frame/ Colored Stained Glass + Frame
Large Frame
Tall Frame
Long Frame
Glassworking Table

Doors (doors.dll): - Requires Requires windows.dll + em-core-primary.unity3d

Sliding Door: 2x2x1 - Item Tier (2) - Uses Stained Glass + Iron
Great Hall Door: Giant 3x6x1 Door - Item Tier (2) - Uses Lumber + Iron
Double Great Hall Door: Giant 6x6x1 Door - Item Tier (2) - Uses Lumber + Iron

Conv Pack:

Tailings Re-Smelting (tailingspack.dll): - Requires RealisticSmelting.dll + em-core-primary.unity3d

Re-Smelt Tailings Into Usable Items And Waste (Requires Level 7 Advanced Smelting):
Tailings Recipe: 10 Tailings = 4 Slag + 10 Iron Fragments/10 Copper Fragments
Slag - Byproduct From Smelting Tailings.
Iron Fragments - Smelted again into Iron Bars(No Tailings Included) x100 Iron Fragments = 1 Iron bar
Copper Fragments - Smelted again into Copper Bars(No Tailings Included) x100 Copper Fragments = 1 Copper Bar

Shipping Containers (shippingcontainers.dll): - Requires em-core-primary.unity3d

Big Shipping Containers used to store anything in them!
Shipping Container - 2x2x6 - Item Tier (2) - 56 Storage Slots - Requires Mechanics - Made in the Machinist Table - 15 Iron Plates + 10 Screws
Steel Shipping Container - 3x3x9 - Item Tier (3) - 128 Storage Slots - Requires Industry - Made In The Rolling Mill - 15 Steel Plates + 10 Steel

Realistic Smelting (realisticsmelting.dll) - Requires orewashingmod.unity3d

Charcoal Recipe
Ore Washing Machine
Slag to Concrete Recipe
Washed Iron Ore
Washed Copper Ore
Washed Gold Ore

Green Energy (em-greenenergy.dll) - Requires em-base.dll + em-greenenergy.unity3d + em-core-secondary.unity3d

Hydro Meter
Daylight Sensor
Proximity Sensor
Motion Sensor
Solar Panel
Batteries (Incomplete)
Natural Gas
Propane Tanks

Features Kit:

Administration (em-admin.dll) - Requires em-base.dll

AFK Module - Afk Checking Module to boot players after x amount of time - "/afk-timer 60" AFK Timer will be set for 60 minutes
Un Claim All - Un claim All The land owned by the Player name - "/unclaim-all Joe" All of joes land will be unclaimed
TP Here - Teleport Other Players to you with much more ease - "/tp-here Joe" Joe will be teleported to me
Meteor Toggle - Toggle the Meteor from in game - "/meteor-on/off"

Easy Commands (em-commands.dll) - Requires em-base.dll

Last Online - Check when a player was last online easily - "/lastonline Joe" Joe Has been Offline for X time
Player Stats - Check a players stats out - Tells you if they are an admin, dev, online time, Food point rate etc - "/stats joe"
Election Check - See who the current leader is and if the election is running or not - "/election"
Rules - This apart of it, but mostly not used given the new system that we are brining out
Version - Check to see what version of our kit you are using when reporting bugs etc
Online - Displays a list of online citizens, - "/online"
Admins - Displays a list of all admins on the server - "/admins" - Admins Online - "/admins-online"
Top 10 Players - Displays the top 10 players according to Activeness/Richness - "/top"

Home Module (em-home.dll) - Requires em-base.dll

Set Home Location to be able to TP Back to it at a cost (if set) - "/home-add homename"
Set Cost For Home TP - "/home-cost x" Set in Calories
Home Max - Set the Max number of homes a player can have - "/home-maxhomes x"
Home Limit - Set how many times the home command can be used a day - "/home-limit x"
Home Wipe - Backup And Wipe all Homes - "/wipe-homes" useful for server wipes
Wipe Logs - Wipe The home Logs - "/wipe-homelogs" useful for server wipe
Home List - List all your saved home locations - "/home-list"
TP Home - Teleport back to one of your homes - "/home homename"
Remove Set Homes - Remove any of your homes you have set - "/home-remove homename"

Shop Informatics (em-informatics.dll) - Requires em-base.dll

Prices - Fetch Prices of all of a specific item being sold anywhere in the world - "/prices Log" Will fetch the price of every log being sold around the world

Player Jokes (em-jokes.dll) - Requires em-base.dll

Play jokes on people or do simple text based actions
Slap - You can slap a friend in a random body part - "/slap joe"
Punch - You Can punch a friend in a random body part - "/punch joe"
Wave - You can wave at a friend - "/wave joe"
Hug - You can hug a friend - "/hug joe"
Get a random Joke! - "/joke"
Adult Jokes! - Toggle adult jokes on or off for the server "/adult-jokes" Default setting is off
Suggest a joke! - Suggest a joke to be featured in the kit! - "/suggest-joke" send us the joke you would like us to consider adding

Messages Of The Day! (em-motd.dll) - Requires em-base.dll

Timer - Set how ofter the motd's should pop up - "/modt-interval xx" This is set in seconds
Fast / Slow Mode - Set the messages to be quick to post quick to remove or post normally and hang around a bit "/motd-mode fast/slow"
Turn it on Or off! - This should auto start on server restart but incase it doesn't - "/motd-on/off"
Add/Remove MOTD's - Add new MOTD's or remove old ones! "/motd-add message" "/motd-remove messageid"
List Your MOTD - gives you a list of the MOTD's and their Message ID - "/motd-list"
Send the next message - Skip the timer and send the next message in the list now! - "/motd-send" you can also use this to test motd's

Note: When adding a new motd do not use "," as this will break the motd, you must type it all in a single sentence or use "!" per break, alternativly you can edit the .json file where the motd is stored, this requires a restart and to be saved in the file format that it was opened in

Teleport To Players/TP/TPA (em-tp.dll) - Requires em-base.dll

Wipe TP logs - This will reset all tp limits for that day - "/wipe-tp"
Set Costs - Set how many calories it cost to TP to another player - "/tp-cost x"
Set Time limits - Set how long a TP Request is valid for in seconds - "/tp-expiry 15" = 15 seconds
Cooldowns - Set how long a user must wait before using TP again (done in seconds) - "/tp-cooldown 600" = 600 Seconds/ 10 minutes
TP - Send a TP request to a friend - "/tp joe"
TP Accept - The user must accept the TP request - "/tpa"

Warp Points (em-warp.dll) - Requires em-base.dll

Warp With Wood Signs - Use Wood Signs to make warp points - Set your warp point then add it to a wooden sign "warp to warpname."
Set Warp Points - Add warp points where players can warp to, such as town centers , or from an initial spawn building to the world - "/warp-add warpname"
Warp - Warp To a set warp point - "/warp towncenter"
Remove Warp Points - Remove a set warp place - "/warp-remove warpname"
Toggle On/Off - Turn Warps on or off - "/warp-toggle"
Cooldowns - Set a cooldown between each warp - "/warp-cooldown 600" = 600 Seconds/10 Minutes
Warping Cost - add a calorie cost to warping - "/warp-cost 500" = 500 Calories
Lists - See the list of warp points - "/warp-list"


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JaseBox @jasebox

i realy like your stone doorways how many blocks H&W is the opening? Can you fit a truck through them?

TheKye @thekye

Hi there!
The total block size of the arch's are 4x4 with a 3x3 inside, you can fit, all carts up to powered, steam truck and the truck as well as the skid-steer, however not an excavator

I'm glad you are enjoying the mod!