Elixr Mods - Deco Pack for ECO

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Important Note!

Compatible Eco Version: 9.3.x

Please Delete the assets folder and download the new zip provided below! this will fix alot of bugs caused by a bad release zip that included asset files it should not have!
Assets folder is in: Mods/Elixr Mods/DecoPack/

The Decorative Pack is designed to bring in new items and objects to the game that serve a minor purpose, decorations, new house objects, road based objects and signs, food and more.
Now for the Changelog from 8.3.x to 9.2.x

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Introducing EM-Games and EM-Food!

This pack Requires the EM Framework and the Artistry Pack

Note Below Which pack requires what to function:

The folder structure should be:

EcoServerInstall/Mods/Elixr Mods/DecoPack

All of our mods will use this folder structure so you can find everything easily!

For full details on everything in this pack go here:
There is a text limit here so i can't post it all on here

Module Dependencies:
EM Arches - None
EM Doors - EM Framework And Artistry
EM Food - None
EM Games - None
EM Home Objects - Artistry
EM Transportation - Artistry
EM Windows - Artistry

You can remove any module you don't want, just make sure if you delete the files that a module depends on your server will not boot


Elixr Mods - Artistry
Elixr Mods - EM Framework









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