Elixr Mods - EM Storage for ECO

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Each Module in this bundle is optional so you can remove what you don't want!!

Thanks to the EM Framework 3.1.x We now have Customizable Recipes! Change the recipes to suit your needs!

REQUIRES EM FRAMEWORK 3.1.x! Not Included In Download

Not enough stuff for the recipes? Why not look at the Elixr Mods Plus Modules! Make your Own Mod Bridge to change up the recipes using items from another mod!! WHAT?!

More information on the EM Plus Modules Here: Elixr Mods Plus

And don't worry, we have plans to really bump this Bundle up with even more stuff!

More Details On these Modules to be released Soon As well as documentation on Mod Overrides


The Shipping Module brings in new Shipping Based Items! 20FT and 40FT Shipping Containers?! The old Shipping Containers where the Staple of the EM but now these bad boys will really make your day!

What about early game? Sick of the chests? Not enough room? We now have the Shipping Crate!! An early Game Shipping Item used For more Storage! Takes up the same room as 2 Chests but boasts more storage space!


There is nothing worse then having to clear a big area to put down a stockpile to kill a forest or make a strip mine, Well that ends today!! Check out our Log and Rock piles! Designed for those who love their strip mining and

Forest Clearing!! Easily place down these handy storages in nice tight spaces so you can get straight to work! With different sizes as you progress through your technological destruction, with the Large Rock and Log Piles Boasting just a bit More Storage Space then a Stockpile with less space consumed!


Elixr Mods - EM Framework






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Tritoneko @tritoneko

Hello, I don't know if this was intentional or fixed for 9.5, but I noticed that the graphic and way the item gets put down doesn't really match up. It seems that the side that opens doesn't need one block of extra space, instead the other side needs 1 block of room. So it just opperates a bit weird that you need extra space for the back of the container instead of the front.

TheKye @thekye

This is due to the back of the shipping container not taking up a "Full Block" so it seems like it needs the extra space its just to make sure there is no model clipping, as model clipping can cause performance issues

Lolo.Lola @lololola

bonjour, je n'arrive pas a faire fonctionner le mod, comment faire ?

TheKye @thekye

How do you mean? what is the issue you are having?

SGAMEZ @sgamez

Is this working in the latest Eco ?

TheKye @thekye

Sure is

zroc @zroc no longer exists? Is it wrapped into the dll now?
Note: I friend request u on Discord.

TheKye @thekye

Hi There!

The File Still Exists, it will just need to be generated by the server, this is related to EM Framework which will be getting an update for servers without GUI Access

DarkWolfKate @darkwolfkate

is it possible to edit the config values for the storage sizes and for the range of the containers somewhere?

TheKye @thekye

Hi there! it sure is!

Look in your server "Configs" folder for the EMConfigure .eco in there, there is 6 sections, 1 is for the Storage slots and the other is for the Link distances just find the item to edit the values, save and restart the server :)

DarkWolfKate @darkwolfkate

i checked everywhere in my server folder but i couldnt find said config file, even with the file search in i couldnt find that file. i'm using the full pack if that makes any difference.

TheKye @thekye

Hi there!

No problem! you can contact me on discord so i can send you a file, Kye#5766

Devil8God @devil8god

hi i cant find please help