ERC-Garden for ECO

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Published by StalEF - learn more (mod ID: 2026422)


Version Betta 0.3


erc-garden_v0.3.zip5.4mbBetta 0.3 for Eco 9.4-9.6


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Crystle @crystle

Any chance when this updates we can get Haybale shapes for fall?

StalEF @erc-mods

do you want a different color or just hay rolls?

Crystle @crystle

Either tan hedges or hay rolls, i am not picky. Either would be great!

yappy118 @yappy118

Thank you for this mod. It works well. Anything else you wish to add is sure to be welcome. :)

TheDukeOfRockford @thedukeofrockford

O M G! Thank you so much for this mod! I so wanted garden hedges for my house! I am definitely going to install this and use them when I re-launch our server next week! So much appreciated. :D :D :D

Just one small thing that bothers me, though... it seems, umm, too reflective from what I can see from the screenshots. :p Perhaps specular reflection is set too high or something but I am not familiar with how things works with Unity (I only worked with RWX model format, as ancient as that is). But this is first version so this issue is probably inevitable anyway. That or it might be a quirk of Eco that you could not get around. Either way, this is not a huge deal-breaker for me personally but I thought you would like to be made aware of my observations there.

I hope you or someone else will eventually add things like shrubbery (e.g. bushes) to complement this. :D :D :D