ERC-Gates for ECO

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Published by StalEF - learn more (mod ID: 2115156)


Version 1 - add Fence Gate

Version 2 - add Wall Gate

Version 3 - add Left and Right models

Version 4 - add Recipe, and bug fixed


erc-gates_v4.zip2.43mbv4 for Eco 9.5.x


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yominemiharu @yominemiharu

It`s auto door?

StalEF @stalef0797

in it moment not, 2 version of gates with left and right models just. open/close on right click

yappy118 @yappy118

StalEF Thank you for this mod. It shows not only good taste and ingenuity but also technical mastery.

yappy118 @yappy118

Skull90 Thank you so much for your help. I thought I had checked it... It must've been in one of the two installations I experimented with only, in retrospect, the faulty one I suppose. As my granny used to say: "Little help does great good."

yappy118 @yappy118

How are these items produced? I've looked at each of my work tables (I have them all at this point), I've tried with a hammer in hand and various building blocks, nothing.
There are no installation directions given, although I'm pretty confident I got it right since I've installed many mods for this game.
There are no directions given on how to use this mod; at which table are the gate and fences produced?
The video provided is amazing. I wish I knew how to build something similar.

Skull90 @skull90

Look at Rolling Mill