Fire barrel (Garbage) for ECO

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Fire Barrel Mod


  • Get rid of unwanted items
  • Burn stacks of items at a time if they fit
  • Detailed pollution statistics similar to the Excavator
  • Pollution effects
  • Custom, randomized ember, light, and fire particle effects
  • Only 75 particles per second total
  • "Overstuff" barrel by 1 item, stuff that trash full!
  • Authorization tab on claimed areas

How to Use

Left clicking on the X or the barrel will throw any selected item (including hammers) away. If your selected stack will fit, the entire stack will be thrown away.
Warning! Your item will not be recoverable, it is gone forever once it is thrown in the barrel.
Right clicking the barrel will open a dialog telling you how much weight is currently in the barrel.
Right clicking the X will attempt to pick up the barrel, if you have enough space in your inventory and there is no trash in the barrel.
E opens the item normally like any other item in Eco, you can check the status, and add to the fuel storage here.

You can not turn the barrel on or off, if it has fuel and garbage it will automatically burn. The air pollution is equal to half of the Excavator (.1 ppm per hour). If the item you throw in has 0 weight, it will not increase the weight of the garbage in the barrel.

How to Install/Uninstall

Unzip the archive to your \Eco\Eco_Data\Server\Mods folder to install.
Remove the 'FireBarrelMod' folder to uninstall.

How to Build​

  • Found under the Anvil
    • Requires Metalworking 1
      • (With no efficiencies)
      • Requires 25 Iron Ingots
      • Takes 5 minutes
This can be found in the Anvil, with no efficiency upgrades it will take 25 iron ingots and 5 minutes to craft. These can be lowered with the 'Metalworking Efficiency' and 'Metalworking Speed' skills.

Source Code

Please feel free to study / modify / use the code I created, it is lightly commented.

Known Issues

Currently none are known.​




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Germican @germican

Doesn´t work anymore. Could you please update it?

Drakonos @drakonos

The Metalworking Skill is not existing anymore. Mod is not functional

DeathSeeker @deathseeker

hi .. just seen your awesome looking mod and was just curious as to what version of the game it is for as i have the current one which is