Fish Food Plus for ECO

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Published by Arigas (mod ID: 410)


Updated for 8.0.3

Adds another, currently, 17 fish based recipes for chefs to make to add some variety to your diet. Does not currently include icons, since I have no idea how to actually make those currently.

Note: As of July 14 2018, the FishFood mod is no longer required as I include it with my own additions to it so it can be maintained.

Compatibility Note: There may be an issue with the unity file interacting with other mods. If you find graphics for other mods not working when they should/used to, remove the unity file from FishFoodPlus and reboot the server.

All credit goes to the original creator of Fish Food (Ardesy) for the initial mod and icons (

To install: Extract FishFoodPlus folder to Mods folder, or setup through ServerGUI (No idea how to do this currently)





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