Fish Food Plus for ECO

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Published by Arigas (mod ID: 410)


Adds another, currently, 17 fish based recipes for chefs to make to add some variety to your diet. Now includes icons thanks to Keetonet Mods​

Note: As of July 14 2018, the FishFood mod is no longer required as I include it with my own additions to it so it can be maintained.

Compatibility Note: There may be an issue with the unity file interacting with other mods. If you find graphics for other mods not working when they should/used to, remove the unity file from FishFoodPlus and reboot the server.

All credit goes to the original creator of Fish Food (Ardesy) for the initial mod and icons (Fishfood)







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Capsulecore @capsulecore

A request for an updated version of this mod is being made on behalf of all those who have downloaded and are currently using your Mod. We thank you for the mods and would be grateful for an update so we may continue to use it. However, if you have decided to discontinue updates for this mod a notification would also be greatly appreciated. If this is the case would you kindly pass this mod off to someone who may be able to update it? Thank you, good morning, goodnight and hello goodbye. I like pants and many others do as well. Do you haz my lobster?

Capsulecore @capsulecore

I would also like to note for the record that I was present when this comment was made and 5 out of 10 doctors agree that an all mayo diet is the best diet for those of us who suffer from the debilitating scourge that is Scurvy. Do you suffer from this horrific and body morphing disease? If you do please, pick up the phone and call one of our operators today and donate your life savings, your boat, your dog, cat, horse, and goldfish in the hopes that the children of tomorrow will have a future of today. Raise your lukewarm bowls of grape nuts heavenward and praise the Unholy Albino Yak Tentacle that is at this very moment dangling from the sky. Poised to smite all who look upon it in fear and repulsion. Remember that ours is not to question but to obey and fall to our knees. This horse won't trot and we shall not back down in that one day all those letters and numbers we wrote down will bare fruit. Ye and she shall never go hungry again! Praise the shoes you wear and the long-handled shoehorns we all must endure against our worn and raw flesh. Let us be free to place cabbage leaves upon our pale and sun-dried scalps and rejoice in the knowledge that our savior shall reign down upon us all the loaves of bread and soiled baby diapers that we may be refreshed.

Xveers @xveers

Just wondering if this mod will get updated for 9.2 ...

Creepio1 @creepio1

Any plans to update this for 9.2?