Fishing Unplugged V2 for ECO

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Published by Chr0nixx (mod ID: 1164026)


Do you want to become a fisherman? Fishing Unplugged V2 gives you that option!

Until now fishing in Eco felt boring and without real purpose but with Fishing Unplugged you can do so much more. This mod adds a bunch of new recipes to various tables throughout the game making fisherman needed.

Works for 9.5.x

How to install:

Go to Mods/UserCode and place the files and folders inside there.

More Updates will be coming in the near future. If you notice something strange with the mod, need support or want to make a suggestion feel free to contact me on discord:

Your feedback is important in maintaining and perfecting this mod in time.

All files have been made as .cs files so you can make any adjustments yourself if you need/want too - Make sure you know what you are doing though.







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ecomodjeff @ecomodjeff

This mod does not seem to work with the Store table. We cannot buy or sell items from this mod. Can you fix this or did I do something incorrectly?

yappy118 @yappy118

I am happy to report (though no one asked me to) that this mod still works fine with version 9.5 of the game. Thank you for producing it.

SaRouTo @sarouto

Hi ! Personally the server does not restart when I put the mod. :S
I have never tried the previous servers.

We just have to move the "FishingUnplugged" folder to "Mods/UserCode"? (As describe)

Thank you. :)

Voyax @voyax

Have tried adding this mod multiple times but always get a bunch of errors I won't paste the whole code but there are 32 lines of Errors with this mod specifically, I've re-installed eco multiple times and unfortunately, I don't know enough about coding to fix it myself, just know the basics of editing.

The main issue I see repeated in the logs is to do with the Fishery.override.cs file
error CS0579
error CS0756
error CS0102
error CS0111
error CS0121

I'm honestly surprised more people aren't commenting this, because I've tried it with multiple different server hosts and get the same error by following the instructions with just copy-pasting the file into mods/user code.

Stormcrow_ @stormcrow1641331543

I had the same problem and fixed it. It has to do with how the folders in the download are laid out. Everything in the "FishingUnplugged" folder needs to go in /Mods/UserCode, but if you upload the "FishingUnplugged" folder itself (rather than just its contents directly to UserCode) you get these errors. Take just the AutoGen folder and its contents from inside FishingUnplugged and move it directly to the UserCode folder.

This should give you /Mods/UserCode/FishingUnplugged with all of the assets and .cs files, and /Mods/UserCode/AutoGen/WorldObject/ with the Fishery.override.cs file.

Dave247 @dave247

I quite like the idea of this mod, and thinking about it I can see it going a lot further. For example you could change all the base fishing recipes and the Fishery table itself to require your new skill and just calling it "Fishing", so it fully removes the need to waste a star on the hunting skill. Though, then it could be debated the need to require a skill book for it seeing as hunting doesn't.

Also a minor thing but for the recipe icons it would be nice if it followed the logic from the rest of the game (eg. organic turns into compost when dropped = green, everything else = blue). Also how all of the text is green looks really weird and out of place.

Loeffel @loeffel

It can't be, can it? Yes it still works, but with the Unity rollback in the Fish Farm is now invisible on placing. You can interact with it, you can remove it, everything, you just can't see it anymore.

Question, can you change the recipe slightly of the Marine Oil? Using Crabs for it is a problem as there aren't many running around and with the new mechanics you can easily wipe them from the planet.
I did some research and fish oil is made in real life mainly from cold water fish found in the oceans. They press the oil out out the fish meat.
Ever considered follow that way? Designing an additional fish press where you need to press fish meat to extract the oil. You will get out marine oil and that you might use as fish bait, or need to convert into compost in the fishery.
That would add up more to your mod and might even open up a way for some more recipes. As I think your mod is really adding too the game as fish isn't really used in the vanilla game.

Chr0nixx @chronixx2

i have provided an update for the unity rollback so the fish farm is no longer invisible and appeared perfectly when testing on a local server. in time i will definitely add more logic to the recipes, ive also got around 5/6 other's ready to add but im going to keep expanding on it bit by bit. any idea's are always welcomed as it helps me to keep the mod fresh

Loeffel @loeffel

On the other side. Client crashes in constantly. no farming wheat or grass possible, instant crash of the client.

Loeffel @loeffel

I like this mod, it looks good. Ok, the fishery should be exchanged in another way as already mentioned, but anyway, I like it.
I have just one slight little problem. As I use the EM.Framework and the Food add on, the FishOilItem already exists. Unfortunately it isn't possible to combine dll mods and script mods, so I can't change your scripts, to make them use the FishOilItem from the EM-Mod.
So I needed to rename your FishOilItem to FishOil2Item. As you can imagine it destroys the connection to your models for the Fish Oil. Can you rename your Fish Oil? Then it can easily used beside the EM Food add on.

Chr0nixx @chronixx2

ill take a good look into this also, i have already implicated a fishery.override.cs file for the next update, i will also rename the fish oil to something more convenient so it doesn't clash with any other recipes from either in game or other mods, thank you for letting me know!

deviscortese @deviscortese


Chr0nixx @chronixx2

Thank you so much for the feedback! i will definitely look at getting more items/furniture added.

zangdar1111 @zangdar1111

Hey, just a note about your How to install
don't ask people to modify anything in __core__
Just rename your own Fishery.cs file to Fishery.override.cs and put it in he following location: UserCode/AutoGen/WorldObject
thus, ECO will load your file instead of the original file
more information about this can be read in the readme files in the Mods folder

Chr0nixx @chronixx2

I will look into this and publish it with the next update of Fishing Unplugged.

nid @nid

Love the model for the fishery <3

Chr0nixx @chronixx2

Thank you very much nid! i will expand on it in time but im still fairly new to unity so i couldn't produce a stunning item right away, ill make sure with future updates it gets additions etc <3