FZM.Commands for ECO

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FZM (Fish Zeel Mods) : FishAus & ZeelNightwolf

This is just a collection of the commands that I have been asked or inspired to write for others.

"Spawns a chest full of a single item type. Uses the "Friendly Name" of an item" (admin command)

"Spawns a stockpile full of a single item type. Uses the "Friendly Name" of an item" (admin command)

/drainbank ,,
"This will drain a specific user a specific amount of a specific currency. The revenue goes into the treasury" (admin command)

"This will destroy all of a specific currency from every player in the world. If it is credit the player will still have their own credit but it will remove it from all other players." (admin command)

/nameddummy ,
"Spawns a dummy with the designated name" (admin command)

"Despawns all the dummies created by nameddummies. As per the original dummy commands this will not remove them from the player list." (admin command)






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malenkei @malenkei

When you type the command "/currency remove (currency)" there is a crash of the server!
ECO game version 7.8.1
Version 1.0.1 mod