Infinite meteor disaster for ECO

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Published by TazMatic_OG (mod ID: 111982)


This mod has been requested by the players of my server many times, it allows the meteor to respawn after it is destroyed increasing the number of lasers that is needed to destroy the meteor each time. The admin's can configure what type of rewards the players should receive each destruction and weather or not the lasers or power supply should be destroyed when the meteor is destroyed.

Install Instructions: Drop DLL's in the mod folder, start and stop the server, edit Configs->LaserControl->config.json, then start the server and enjoy!

Current Issues: This mod will not work with the --nogui server flag, I do not know why but I am actively trying to fix this. If you have any ideas please contact me on discord tazmatic#3814





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.Arkanis @arkanis1

What version of Eco is this mod made for?