Live data exporter / price calculator for ECO

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This mod exports live data to json files that can then be consumed by any other tools or mods out there.
You could even make a tool or mod that uses these files!
To access the files use the url <ecowebinterface>/data/filename.json.
The interval between server data export is configurable.

Currently exports the following files:

  • Stores - contains all stores ingame as well as products being sold / bought at each store (equivalent info as ingame economy viewer)
  • Recipes - contains all recipes that are available ingame in the server (including recipes added/modified by other mods)
  • CraftingTables - contains all crafting tables available ingame in the server (including tables added by other mods)
  • Tags - contains all tags ingame as well as the items that belong to each tag

Currently there are 16 servers running this mod:

  • ecoworld
  • ecolife
  • adventurous gaming
  • ecoville2
  • Le Repère du GeeK Forcené
  • Korilia
  • Doggerland
  • Valhalla
  • Off the rails
  • Nebula
  • Fat Bison
  • SkyFall
  • The Gaia Project
  • TM2022
  • AWL Gaming medium collaboration
  • AWL Gaming High collaboration

Installation steps:

  1. Download mod and place it on the server/Mods folder
  2. Start/Restart the server

Eco price calculator

This mod is used and required by the price calculator mod, which is a separate website that consumes this data and provides an UI to help players calculate prices to list their products in the store.
Any player can use it for calculating prices but having their server connected and listed has two main advantages:

  • Player can use recipes that were added / modified by mods that the server is using
  • Player can access the price and quantities of each ingredient when calculating a price (avoiding having to copy paste prices from ingame market view)

To connect your server to eco price calculator website send me an email or a discord message with your server name and the your server web interface url (where the files will be accessible from).
And that's it.

Reach me at email or in discord: Fon#2880

















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DrunkMunki @drunkmunki

why dont you opensource this great tool so others can host it? and expand on it?

Dave247 @dave247

While I understand the reasons to keep a project closed (for example all of the EM mods), the main thing is how a certain level of confidence is needed for people to first use the mod and second to build something themselves that require it. The second moreso, as a user has little to lose other than some inconvenience while a modder would find what they have created to now be useless, due to unable to access anything upstream.

Ucat1639255227 @ucat1639255227

Hello and thanks for your interest.
Well if you wish to take the code, appropriate it and change it however you want at least have the decency of buying me a coffee! :D
On the other hand if you wish to contribute then you are most welcomed to!
If that's the case i'll share the code and add you as a contributor.
I only ask that we keep a single version of the mod and not branch it out into several similar mods.
Hit me up on discord and we can talk about it.

Med.GR @medgr

Agreed, this would get more popular if it was totally open source, or having tools to host the website freely.

Ucat1639255227 @ucat1639255227

I don't really need it to be popular to be honest.
I made it for myself and my friends at the server i play and admin.
Then i thought of making it public in order to help other people.
As i said above, you are welcomed to contribute and give feedback and ideas.
Branching it out is not something i'd like to happen tho.