LogBlock for ECO

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Ever wanted to find out who stole your wall? Or who left a 80 block tall pillar that broke your Server's world map? This mod is for you!

LogBlock hooks into the PlayerPlace and PlayerPickup events and stores the who/what/when/where of the action to a LiteDB database. This database can then be queried within the game using the /queryblock command.

Installation Instructions:

  • To install drop the LogBlock folder in your server mod folder and launch the server.

Installation Notes:

  • We are using the latest asphalt (Asphalt MDK - Version which was released the same day as this mod. Updating your Asphalt may or may not cause problems with other mods.

Future feature roadmap:

  • Command to remotely query blocks.
  • Ability to use NID permission system.
  • Better error and exception handling.
  • Filter for items/objects to watch (maybe you only care about Tailings)

Please submit bugs, issues and feature requests to the gitlab repository:

Thank you to Daenks for all of his help!





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Maitis @maitis

How these tall pillars breaking the wold? Just curious cuz saw players building these

TazMatic_OG @tazmatic1587500331

I've seen people doing that as well. I think the issue is it keeps raising the layer of the ground to the top of the pillar which prevents the minimap from rendering the actual ground