Lucky Break Pickaxes for ECO

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Published by SirA.Lmao (mod ID: 908922)


Mining Quality of life for the whole server!
As well as potential self synergies for miners who combine these Pickaxe's with Sweeping Hands!

Having seen several of the mods which opt for giving sweeping hands & lucky break to miners, I became interested in a system that accomplished the same end goal without making Mining too powerful.
This solution aims to give the same potential to miners, while also allowing non-miners to not get left in the dust.

The new recipes require a unique addition for crafting at each tier, but repair with the same materials as their counterpart, while offering slightly less durability.

Iron Lucky Pickaxe:
Craft: Smelting 4 -- 4 Iron Bars, 2 Copper Bars, 4 Wood Board
Repair: Smelting 4 -- 4 Iron Bars
Durability: 400

Steel Lucky Pickaxe:
Craft: Advanced Smelting 4 -- 10 Steel Bars, 4 Copper Wiring, 4 Gold Wiring, 5 Lumber
Repair: Advanced Smelting 5 -- 8 Steel Bars
Durability: 800

Modern Lucky Pickaxe:
Craft: Advanced Smelting 7 -- 15 Steel Bars, 16 Gold Flakes, 10 Fiberglass
Repair: Advanced Smelting 7 -- 15 Steel Bars
Durability: 1600

Unzip into the Mods folder & Restart your server.




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Listhebest1 @listhebest1

is this mod going to get updated to 9.6?

SomeCrackh1596278370 @somecrackh1596278370

i'm getting this:
IronLuckyPickaxe.cs(70,192): error CS1501: No overload for method 'CreateCalorieValue' takes 4 arguments

so far in 9.5 update

Zafo- @zafo1

This works with latest 9.4

KotoroShinoto @kotoroshinoto

based on upload date, it looks like this would support 9.3.5

can you make sure it is updated for the 9.4+ versions?

Rukx @rukx

Will this work with Eco 9.4.1? Thank you.