Minty Trash for ECO

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Ever wished you could use the trash for something more than just a decorative block in your dark and deep caves, safe from the environment?
Well now you can! Introducing: Minty trash!
With Minty trash you can turn your trash into cold hard cash! The value in the trash is truly a hidden gem! Convert the trash into pocket money! We've changed up the minting press, so the little round coins made from trash no longer pollute the environment! This way you can save up, for that glorious Powered Cart your neighbor sells!

What does Minty Trash unlock?

  • Turn your Tailings & Garbage into a valuta using the Mint machine!
  • When turned into a valuta, it wont pollute in the world anymore!

That's it! so simple, yet so useful! Spice up your server with the funny valuta! pay in trash and laugh about it! Be the monopoly of trash! all while thinking on the environment!

Want other ways of getting rid of Tailings?

  1. Remove the tailings 100% from the recipes, with: Clean Smelting
  2. Turn Tailings & Garbage into stone 1:1 Ratio in the Workbench with: Taking out the Trash

(all 3 mods work together and alone, Install as you please)

Feel generous?

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Installation Instructions:

Before installing, always remember to take a backup off your save files!

1. Download the zip file
2. Unzip the Mods folder into the folder located at:

  • Client Install (Steam): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Eco\Eco_Data\Server
  • Server Install (Steam): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Eco Server

3. Replace the existing files

And that's it! you can now boot up the game and play!





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KangTseKiang @kangtsekiang

hi, i would like to use this on my server, but 208d old => is there an update planned? it seems like wet tailings are not yet part of that mod.