Modular Tools for ECO

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Published by TheKye (mod ID: 2038147)


The Modular Tools Mod:

Breaks up all stone, iron, steel and modern tools into pieces,

Also breaks up the bows into pieces

Each tool can be put together at the Tool bench by any player, The professions are only needed to make the pieces and any player can put the tools together

Each tool now requires 1 item to repair it, it can request its tool head or the handle, it changes each time you go to repair it


Tools can no longer be used when broken, they must be repaired otherwise the tool won't let you use it

Tool heads can also be used in the field for a "Quick" Fix with a really high chance of damaging the tool and losing 55% of its durability with a lower chance to successfully repair the tool to 100%

The higher your self improvement skill the higher the chance you have of successfully repairing the tool too 100%


Unzip into the servers root folder, it will then place these folders inside the "UserCode" Folder:


This mod Overrides the tools so it may not work with any other mod that does tool overrides (It will break this mod if you install them after this mod) and it will no longer work

with some knowhow you can also modify other open source tool mods to use this system as well it is quite versatile!

Any issues contact me on the eco modding community discord :) :





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