More Important Food for ECO

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Published by OnlyJoe (mod ID: 1164671)


This mod is designed to make eating good food more important.
End game food doesn't always work, people stop buying the good stuff once they have their desired stars. This Mod trys to prevent that from happening, by making your crafting slower if you eat bad food when at a high level.

This links the food quality you eat with your crafting speed. And it gets harder as you level up. If your XP rate is under the min, then your crafting speed takes a lot longer longer.

There is a new Skill that everyone gets for free. It is called Food Level, and it automatically changes based on your food XP rate and number of stars you have earned. 10 is the max level, and means crafting speed is normal.

at 1 star level - You need food XP above 22 to craft at normal speed.
at 2 stars level - Yon need food XP above 44 to craft at normal speed.
3 stars - food XP above 66 needed
4 stars - food XP above 88 needed
5 stars - food XP above 110 needed

This is very alpha stage. It may not be balanced enough, but it is very easy to remove if things don't work (just delete the folder from the UserCode directory under Mods).

To install, unzip and copy the Mods folder into your server directory.




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