More Realistic Smelting



This mod is aimed towards providing a more "realistic" process for smelting (while reducing the amount of Tailings that you accumulate).

The Ore Washer will crush and wash the silicates (Tailings) out of your ore. You are then left with a washed ore (copper, iron, gold) that you can smelt at a Bloomery or Blast Furnace. There is a new by-product from smelting called Slag. Slag is the impurities that are collected while smelting metal. Slag can be combined with Rock to make Concrete.

I've also added a new recipe for Charcoal that is made using Logs instead of Lumber, as Charcoal does not have to be made with wood that has been worked into Lumber.

This is my first mod, so any feedback is welcome. If you have any suggestions for changes (balance, different ingredients, etc) please feel free to let me know.


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Roby1164 @roby1164

There is a problem, when only one block of mineral is present, it says that it is possible to do production, but in reality it is not so, if it is started, it stops, and produces nothing, asking for the block, which is present, but it is as if he did not see it, while if another block is added, the production starts, but using only one ....