More Realistic Smelting for ECO

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Published by SweetChristmas (mod ID: 437)


This mod is aimed towards providing a more "realistic" process for smelting (while reducing the amount of Tailings that you accumulate).

The Ore Washer will crush and wash the silicates (Tailings) out of your ore. You are then left with a washed ore (copper, iron, gold) that you can smelt at a Bloomery or Blast Furnace. There is a new by-product from smelting called Slag. Slag is the impurities that are collected while smelting metal. Slag can be combined with Rock to make Concrete.

I've also added a new recipe for Charcoal that is made using Logs instead of Lumber, as Charcoal does not have to be made with wood that has been worked into Lumber.

This is my first mod, so any feedback is welcome. If you have any suggestions for changes (balance, different ingredients, etc) please feel free to let me know.





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Audrerose @audrerose

Where we can wash the ore pls? I never find the OreWasher item or table but we can see in bloomery all the ore and the slag we can get but where we can wash the ore pls?

pyke_85 @pyke-85

what do you need to have unlocked and where do you make this stuff?

pyke_85 @pyke-85

nvm, found it

Nisutec @nisutec

What is the mod id of this mod ?

tazuras @tazuras

found a bug, when smelting washed ore in the blast furnace the UI always says you can make 3 more than you can actually make. Ex's:
7 bars from 1 washed ore
11 bars from 2 washed ore
15 bars from 2 washed ore
and it continues in this pattern.
When you actually queue the job the materials required appear to match the tooltip (4 bars per washed ore).

tazuras @tazuras

Cool idea. This sent me deep down the rabbit's hole of research mining and refining practices. While it is true that smelting produces slag and not tailings, tailings are produced during the crushing and washing so if you want to maximize realism your Ore Washer should produce tailings.

If you wish to maximize realism and reduce tailings perhaps also add a processing plant item to the game that would be similar to this machine:

The Processing plant could have three recipes, each using tailings as an input and then output a smaller amount of "processed tailings" and raw ore of choice. The processed tailings could be an item with the same properties as tailings but a different ID so they would have a different name and couldn't be reprocessed again. You could possibly also make the processed tailing pollute slightly less, or if you wanted to get really complicated make a very small amount of very polluting heavy metal concentrate and a relatively large amount of less polluting processed tailings, to simulate many of the pollutants being extracted from the tailings.

The Processing plant could be crafted using advanced smelting. As it is a modern machine perhaps make it require parts made by people with the Industry and Electronics skills, probably some circuits, maybe steel pipes and gears and plates? Could run on gas or petrol, no room requirement.

tazuras @tazuras

Just re-read your description, maybe your washer does produce tailings, which is awesome. I should probably try the mod out before I comment more :D.

SweetChristmas @sweetchristmas

Just fyi, it does produce the tailings during the crushing and washing, only slag is produced from the smelting. Thanks for the insight!

Roby1164 @roby1164

There is a problem, when only one block of mineral is present, it says that it is possible to do production, but in reality it is not so, if it is started, it stops, and produces nothing, asking for the block, which is present, but it is as if he did not see it, while if another block is added, the production starts, but using only one ....