No More Books for ECO

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Published by MonzUn - learn more (mod ID: 759747)


Change all book recipes to only create a configurable amount of scrolls.


Tested with Eco version
Min: 9.0
Max: 9.6

Gameplay Effects

- A favorable impact on the economy, as scrolls now need to be created continuously and has a direct resource value.
- Helps some professions be more relevant to more players and to stay relevant for longer.
- Helps lower the pace of progress and prolong the game slightly.

Install Instructions

Unzip the archive in the root directory of the Eco server (where the .exe is).

If you are running mods that add skills, please copy-paste one of the exisiting entries in the mod and configure it to use the modded skill scroll.

Uninstall Instructions

Delete the mod directory "Mods/UserCode/No More Books".

Update Instructions

For each new version of the Eco server you will have to check for updates for this mod. This is because the recipes may change and if that happens, your scrolls will still use the old material costs.


The config options are located at the top of the mod file NoMoreScrollClaims.cs

Parameter Name Possible Values Default Value Description
ClaimAmount 0 - ∞ 1 How many scrolls should be created per craft


- Originally uploaded by Shoe73.
- 9.2 compatibility update made by Ucat.
- 9.3 compatibility by Ice Forge.
- 9.4 update, configuration and mod restructure by MonzUn.


You can reach me on the official Modding Discord in the Eco World Mods section!


  • Developed by Monzun.
  • Logo by Nemo Mr Magic

Eco World Mods

EcoWorld mods are developed by the staff of the EcoWorld server, here's a list of all the other mods we've made!

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  • No More Scroll Claims - Allows configuration of how many land claim papers should be awarded for reading a skill scroll.
  • Early Transmission Pole - Allows the Transmission Pole to be used earlier in the game.


I develop and support the Eco World Mods and DiscordLink in my spare time.

If you find them useful, I'd greatly appreciate a small donation :)







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Tritoneko @tritoneko

Hello there, I would like to ask how one might read the code such to change the amount of scrolls you get per recipe. Would it at all be possible to set the recipe to give out 2 or 3 scrolls if wanted, such that contracts for bigger scrolls are a little more meaningful for everyone? Thank you very much for this mod, it's a big help for slowing progressing and making the game more meaningful :)

MonzUn @monzun

Hi, appreciate you taking the time to thank me :)
The number of scrolls are hard coded. My other mod for removing scrolls from claim reading is a bit hacky, but it could be made to do this if there is a demand for it.

СухумыЧ @na1649448492

Обнова примерно когда будет 9.5 ?

MonzUn @monzun

[Машинный перевод]
Этот мод не нуждается в обновлении 9.5. Это уже совместимо.