No More Books for ECO

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Published by MonzUn (mod ID: 759747)


Gameplay Effects

- A favorable impact on the economy, as scrolls now need to be created continuously and has a direct resource value.

- Helps some professions be more relevant to more players and to stay relevant for longer.

- Helps lower the pace of progress and prolong the game slightly.

Install Instructions

- Overwrite the contents of "Mods/AutoGen/Tech" in the server, with the contents of "Mods/AutoGen/Tech" in this mod.

Uninstall Instructions:

- Overwrite the contents of "Mods/AutoGen/Tech" in the server, with the contents of "Configs/No More Books/Uninstall/AutoGen/Tech" in this mod.

Update Instructions

- For each new version of the Eco server you will have to check for updates for this mod. This is because the recipes may change and if that happens, your scrolls will still use the old costs.


- Originally uploaded by Shoe73.

- 9.2 compatibility update made by Ucat.




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Tritoneko @tritoneko

Hello there, I would like to ask how one might read the code such to change the amount of scrolls you get per recipe. Would it at all be possible to set the recipe to give out 2 or 3 scrolls if wanted, such that contracts for bigger scrolls are a little more meaningful for everyone? Thank you very much for this mod, it's a big help for slowing progressing and making the game more meaningful :)