Paper Milling Overhaul for ECO

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Published by Valderg (mod ID: 2153160)


Paper Milling Overhaul adds several new uses to the Paper Milling skill and products made by it.


Tested with Eco version 9.5.3


PATCH 1.1.1 Introduces Object Occupancy to the machines and blocks. If objects are intersecting with the blocks after you update, it will delete all other objects when updating. Remove the paper milling objects(pick them up) before updating to prevent this issue.

Gameplay Effects

- Cellulose Fiber moved to Paper Milling as it should be.
- A favorable impact on the economy, as scrolls now need to be created continuously and has a direct resource value.
- Helps lower the pace of progress and prolong the game slightly.

- Added several new recipes, Books, Furniture Items, and Crafting tables for the Paper Milling Skill.

- Research Papers now require paper to be made Advanced and Modern tier.

- All research now only provides 3 scrolls excluding t4 skills which provide 5.

- All skill scrolls now only reward 2 land claims.

- Land Claims can be created by Paper Milling with the aid of Smelting at a Capitol

Install Instructions

Unzip the archive in the root directory of the Eco server (where the .exe is).


The config options are located at the top of the mod files Mods/UserCode/PaperMillingOverhaul/SkillBookOverrides.cs and PropertyClaimOverrides.cs

File Location Parameter Name Possible Values Default Value Description
SkillBookOverrides.cs OutputAmount 0 - ∞ 3

How many scrolls should be created per craft

SkillBookOverrides.cs ModernOutputAmount 0 - ∞ 5

How many scrolls should be created per craft of t4 research

PropertyClaimOverrides.cs Amount 0 - ∞ 2

How many land claims should be given when learning a Scroll


- V1.0.0 Initial Upload

- V1.0.0 Major revision and release

-V1.1.0 Balance Changes + Additional Icon to patch store/profession viewer issues.


You can reach me on the official Modding Discord !


  • Developed by Valderg.
  • Scroll Rework and Claim Paper original logic by MonzUn.
  • Some textures by SLG (Wood/Lumber/Mortared Stone)






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