Steam Front Loader for ECO

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Published by M3OWZ (mod ID: 1010628)


Adds an earlier tier tractor for picking up diggable items only. Based off the skidsteer but can only hold 25% as much. Available at Mechanics 2 and costs a bit more than a steam tractor.
The tractor will break rocks but will not pick them up.

Made by Request.

Readme and Install Instruction
- Unzip/Extract
- Move the extracted folder to Server/Mods

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racksmey @racksmey

I like the idea of this mod. I agree that this could become over powered quickly.

I think the front loader should be able to pick up clay, dirt, and "soft rock"

Midnight1632828639 @midnight1632828639

Another option in this situation would be to rewrite it into a DLL, than all modifications to the code are possible... except overriding other mods I guess

Midnight1632828639 @midnight1632828639

curleyc @M3OWZ The reason usercode/mods folder works is because .cs goes into usercode compatibility.. someone had mentioned it never changes... in the mods folder alone is where DLL mods go, and the assets with them. The biggest change I saw in 9.3 - 9.4 was the usercode doesn't accept full mods anymore only the .cs... or something similar to this... so that would explain why that works, and yes it would fully be working. It's possible to fail if the game reads assets first.. and it's supposed to read DLL first so I imagine the assets are preloaded, then the code picks it up... so if you for example use "modpreloaded()" or some such commands on those it might fail... but works for us :D

curleyc @curleyc

Will this be updated for 9.4

M3OWZ @m3owz

Yes, I'm hoping to punch it out in the next few days

curleyc @curleyc

I have found out that if you put the .CS files in the usercode, and the assets just in the mods folder the current version seems to work with 9.4.

M3OWZ @m3owz

oh awesome. That's good. I've just been too busy

curleyc @curleyc

Thank you so much. Your mod is the one that got us to start a modded server.

M3OWZ @m3owz

Ya I will take a look at balancing it again in the future based off personal use and feedback. Fairly busy rn so not sure when that will be exactly though. Probably not before 9.4

yankeevader @yankeevader

Personally id like it to do the opposite, diggable and loose stone but no mining with it. that way you could mine by hand and pick it all up with the loader. ya know, like real life. cant mine with a loader.

Zixsum @zixsum

and it cant pick you stone

Zixsum @zixsum

you say Weight at 750000 my was at 700000

Jackelmyer @jackelmyer

Did a bunch of balancing work in comparison to the Skid Steer. Made the following changes and it seems to be a good balance as a Vanilla Game (mostly) addition.

* Reduced vehicle speed to that of a Powered Cart
* Reduced Total Slots from 5 to 3
* Reduced the stack size limits from 20 to 10.
* Have Weight at 750000 - pretty much limiting the liftable amounts by stack sizes as opposed to carry weight, was easier to try to get a feel for balancing the capabilities of the vehicle.
* Added 12 Steel Rivits - pushing the machine out a little further in the path to acquire it via any given playthrough.
* Upped mechanics skill to level 5. - Also pushing it out a little bit further in the playthrough.
* Allowed Stone/Ore carrying, but limited to the same 3 slots and 10 stack size.

This has made a huge difference in keeping the Skid Steer viable and desirable. In glass production due to sand requirements. And simplified brick and cement production, while maintaining a curve of difficulty to get the initial Tier 2 buildings in place to build this machine via Mechanics.

ggfirestormer @ggfirestormer

I thought the idea was to have use of it before adv smelting which you need to get rivets, so no rivets and it would work well.

Lynatix @lynatix

Awesome Idear and it Works - one of my favorite Mods here :) love it!!!!