Tailings to Stone Mod for ECO

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Published by Isabella1587833958 (mod ID: 159757)



Change the Tailings to Stones!!
I made this mod because there are tons of Tailings in my basement and I can't controll anymore...

You need 5 Tailings (or Wet Tailings) to make 1 Stone *** In the Picture It was 1 tailings and 2 Wet tailings but I changed the cost to 5 Tailings(or Wet Tailings))

**You can make it on Work Bench**

** Tested ECO 9.0 **

<How to install>

1. Unzip the "Elspeth's Tailings to Stone Mod.7zip"

2. Copy & Paste the "Mods" folder to "Installed location\Steam\steamapps\common\Eco Server"




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smerecz @smerecz

can this be updated to the new version please

smerecz @smerecz

does this work for 9.02

zangdar1111 @zangdar1111

Tailing management is a core gameplay of this game. Getting rid of is quite sad

darkedone02 @darkedone02

then don't get the mod.

nicademice @nicademice

Too true darkedone02 if you have an issue with a mod, then don't use it, or don't mod at all. Mod's are made to either enhance the gameplay or tailor it to someone's preference and because of mod's, A LOT of games have stayed alive and active, I could easily list off a handful of games that are still active because of that, and plenty of them have "non-lore" friendly mods and even game breaking ones.

Jimmon @jimmon

yeah i completely agree...
if a mod is not your style, why waste your time to comment.
it literally cost nothing to NOT post a comment saying a mod that you know you won't like, is not for you...
it's that simple...