Timbers! - Auto Chop Stump and Debris(9.4.x) for ECO

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Published by Tiptoe凡凡 (mod ID: 1146738)


Inspired from Auto pickup and Lucky Break mod.

With logging skill level 5 : player can chop stump and pick up wood plups automatically.
With logging skill level 7 : player can chop debris and pick up wood plups or tree seeds automatically.






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}{0TT@b6)4 @0ttb64

При использовании мода все же остаются пеньки после рубки дерева, приходиться перезагружать сервер чтобы эти пни пропали. (пни невидимые остаются после рубки дерева)

loggermaster @loggermaster

can we get a fix on this after using it 1 time and restarting it dosent work come with eroor

Belixius @belixius

I tried for hours to get it testing because of errors on "LoggingSkill" not found on line 428 and 574 without success and now I redownloaded it and unzipped there and it worked? Did someone update it in the meantime? Don't understand why it suddenly works...
Edit: I have found on my side why now. The error occurs always after applying changes with the eco-server-extra-configuration and works again when i replace the TreeObject cs file afterwards. I hope this can help some of you.

EmperorPantera @emperorpantera

Im also running into errors running version
The server im trying to set up throws out an exception directly tied to the override in the userdata.
Why are comments restricted to 100 characters

AndreK @andrek

hello :)

its not functionally :( the server dont start.. i have more error massages... :(

Varga45 @gabyforester

Works well for me today, i've also put the code line 170 (see coment of SpicySunda just bellow)
take care to put ; not : "
* return true; *

SpicySunda @spicysunda

if anyone wants to go nuts with it, they can open the file in notepad or notepad++, or whatever you use, and change
private bool CanPickup(TrunkPiece trunk)
return this.GetBasePickupSize(trunk) <= MaxTrunkPickupSize;


private bool CanPickup(TrunkPiece trunk)
return true;

and you can pick up the whole tree! it just requires you holding an axe to target the tree. This code is line 170 in this file.

Loeffel @loeffel

When picking up the whole tree, is there the same effect as with the debris, that everything you can't pickup anymore is lost?

Dwezer @dwezer

Nice one, thanks :)

}{0TT@b6)4 @0ttb64

Мод интересный, но не работает. Дрова не собираются и пни появляются через какое то время!

Tiptoe凡凡 @tiptoe2

Thanks for your report,I will fix it in the next patch.

}{0TT@b6)4 @0ttb64

За обновление спасибо. Пни убираются ветки собираются и не появляются снова.
Но теперь проблема в том что на место где росло дерево не возможно поставить какой либо блок!

Tiptoe凡凡 @tiptoe2

Thank you for your support, please check patch 1.0.2.

Loeffel @loeffel

Something still seems to be not fully correct. I have now two times the case that I chopped a tree and the program still says, that there are too strong roots if you want to shovel the dirt there.
With the admin road command you can overwrite those roots.

DrewZ @drewz

does the mining Auto pickup and Lucky Break mod still works at 9.4.1?

Tiptoe凡凡 @tiptoe2

yes,you can find it at