Wire Fences for ECO

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Published by DemonDog1602967796 (mod ID: 169427)


Adds fences you might see in the countryside. Two gates, nonfunctional though rotatable to still look right, a variety of fence options and a custom workbench to make them at. Light collision allows sticking fences into trees or terrain at your fancy





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dompteure @dompteure

salut merci pour ce mod mais il empêche mon serveur de démarrer il redémarre en boucle jusqu'à ce que je le désinstalle

Skull90 @skull90

please update mods to 9.2.4

DarkShark @darkshark

Updated version of this mod can be downloaded @
Tested Working on 9.2.4 & 9.3

TheDukeOfRockford @thedukeofrockford

Hi, I'm the author's friend and just saw this comment. I didn't know you did that.... that's nice of you. Demon Dog tell me that coding is very tricky... took him many tries to get it even working at all. A very frustrating experience for him. I can't even make sense of most of the codes no matter how much I try to read them from his as well others' mods in order to understand how modding work. Honestly, I'm better off modding on Paradox grand strategy games, as C# coding is way beyond my comprehension. :p

Anyway, now because of the radical changes made to the way recipe are scripted since Eco 9.3 release that made it incompatible, he is very reluctant to go into it again, possibly messing it up again. Do you think you would be able to update this mod as well his other mod, Wooden Bracers, so that it is compatible for current Eco version?

Whatever you decide, thank you regardless for updating this mod for 9.2.4. We appreciate your efforts. :)

DarkShark @darkshark

We are using the last update we did for this mod at the link above currently in 9.3. Is it not working for you? someone fixed the wooden bracers mod at that link.

TheDukeOfRockford @thedukeofrockford

Ah, I didn't know that. I thought it needed updates because of the way the recipes were coded were changed or something. At least that was my impression from what I have seen in other mods in reading their code. At least I think it was changed in 9.3? Or was it before that? I forget.

Anyway, also good to know that wooden bracers also worked. That's great. I'll let the author know about this and that. Thank you again.

marcomacarena @macarena87

any schedule on updating to work on 9.2??

Davidsp @davidsp

Gutes game